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Bora | Electric Facial Cleanser Set

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Achieving any skin goal starts with a deep cleanse 

Achieve your deepest cleanse yet with our Bora Electric Facial Cleansing Brush, designed to delve deep beneath the skin's surface to loosen trapped dirt, oil and dead skin cells. The Bora tackles impurities all while delivering gentle exfoliation that does not disrupt the natural skin barrier. The massaging effect promotes lymphatic drainage and de-puffs your face to help achieve your clearest and cleanest complexion yet

Bora | Electric Facial Cleanser Set - Project E Beauty
Bora | Electric Facial Cleanser Set Sale price$22.99





Reap the Benefits

Deeply clarifying

360 degree rotation works to remove impurities and build-up from the skin's surface

Anti acne

Prevents acne flare ups by removing dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin

Minimizes pores

Unclogged pores appear smaller


Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion

Maximise topical skincare

Pores are thoroughly cleansed and primed to absorb the nourishing benefits of your topical skincare product

Advanced Cleansing System

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Massage


Experienced less breakouts


Said skin felt fresher


Agreed pores appeared smaller


For regular cleansing our soft bristle brush has 0.055mm thin bristles designed to reach deep beyond the skin’s surface to deliver a powerful cleanse


Ultra-hygienic silicone bristles are designed to be gentle on skin while nonetheless delivering a powerful cleanse. They are known to gently exfoliate the skin without damaging the precious skin barrier. Silicone is magic for skin cleansing as it does not absorb dirt, make-up, or oil and so doesn't harbor any harmful bacteria


Our latex skin refreshing brush is designed for deep exfoliation 1-2 times a week depending on your skin type. For dry sensitive skin use x1 per week. For oily skin use x2 per week. Regular exfoliation is essential to maintain a bright and blemish free complexion

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Customer Reviews

Based on 275 reviews
Great for travel

This is a compact electric facial cleaning brush. It runs off of two AAA batteries. There are three different brush heads that you can change out. There’s a low and a high setting on the brush. It is about the size of your hand and comes with a travel case that fits the brush heads and the base. It has a 360° rotating head and as a good job of cleaning your face.

Noticeably Better Skin!

I’ve only been using this battery-operated facial cleansing brush for a couple of days and I already notice my skin looking healthier. It comes in a cute storage box, and it comes with three different brush heads. There is a brush, a sponge, and an exfoliator. It even has a cap to use when it is not in use. I put a little facial cleanser on the brush and it is so relaxing and my face feels fresh and clean after.

Renee Stakey
Great Electric Facial Cleanser Set!!

 I love this set! It includes 3 different and interchangeable brush heads and a compact storage case. The 360 degree rotating unit has 2 speeds (low for gentle cleansing and high for deep cleansing). 2 AA batteries required but not included. I had a similar unit awhile back, but it only had one brush head. I am excited with this product to be able to customize my cleansing experience, especially after a long day.

Project E Customer
Okay for the price.

This was an okay machine, not the best. If you are on a budget then this would work.


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