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Vora | Mild Microcurrent Facial Roller

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Introducing VORA – your small but effective solution for an instant face lift.  VORA is specially designed to lift and tone by using low-level microcurrents to stimulate collagen production for immediate results.  What's more:  its lightweight, eco-friendly design makes it the perfect on-the-go companion for a revitalizing massage anytime, anywhere.

・Helps get rid of puffiness
・Stimulates and promotes skin rejuvenation at the cellular level
・Tones, contours, and lifts the face using mild microcurrents
・Promotes healthy blood circulation

VORA | Microcurrent Facial Roller - Project E Beauty
Vora | Mild Microcurrent Facial Roller Sale price$29.99






Why your skin will love it

Promotes lymphatic drainage: Rolling VORA over your skin will stimulate your lymphatic system and help remove toxins to reduce puffiness in the face.

Tightens facial muscles for a toned appearance: By delivering a low-level microcurrent to stimulate the facial muscles, VORA helps prevent sagging and leaves your face looking instantly lifted and toned.

Boosts collagen production: Vora's microcurrent feature triggers cell regeneration, boosting natural collagen production to provide the face with a fuller, healthier look.

Shapes and contours your jawline: When used consistently over time, the combination of VORA's rollers and microcurrent will help create a contoured jawline and a v-shaped face.

Enhances skincare absorption: With continued use, VORA's microcurrent will help skincare products to be absorbed more effectively and deeper into the skin.

Instant face lift - with no invasive procedures!


saw immediate results


agreed that their jawline looked more contoured


noticed more youthful looking skin


VORA is specially designed to fit all angles and contours of the face while ensuring an even transfer of microcurrent.


The rollers work to massage your face and increase blood circulation - reducing puffiness instantly.


VORA is 100% solar-powered so you can use it conveniently without charging and stay eco-friendly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Direct sunlight or not? It's just OK.

TL;DR: its OK.I bought for myself as a Christmas treat as this was on sale at the time and I hesitate to buy an expensive micro current device.This feels rather light and cheap. That's fine for the price I purchased at, which was about half retail. I know it says you should not feel anything but I found with conductive hydro gel and direct sunlight, I DID feel a very gentle micro current. It was great for a few seconds.What I find odd is it is hard to get pure facts on the microcurrent. It cites measurements, its similarities to Human microcurrent we all produce, etc. What is not explicit to the user is, does the solar panel feature hold any energy or does it benefit you most to be sat in direct sunlight or UVA/UVB rays?I think the latter which isn't ideal for those of us in the UK or frequently cloudy, overcast locales.I found it only seemed to deliver any sensation or flushing effect when in direct sunlight. Not in indoor lighting. I read a review where someone indicated they could tell it was working because they saw reddening of the skin. That could be from tension or tugging or even just using any roller. In my picture, I have a TBS facial roller which has a good weight to it, very solid cooling metal balls, and a nice grip. It was around the same cost at full retail offers no current, just a nice cooling massage. I have used it for a few years and it has held well. It does occasionally cause redness either from the shock of cold to the skin or not enough of a lubricating serum or lotion underneath.The Project E Beauty is nice but not a device I would recommend or repurchase, unless it was 50% off and that is purely because if you want a luxurious feeling device that has a nice weight to it and works, save the £27 some-odd quid and put that toward a device that you can truly tell is doing something, micro current or not. I'll use this one when my TBS roller is too warm or I want to give my husband a nice relaxing quicky facial massage.

J. K. Morin (Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, CA)
Méso-Thérapie (Mesolift)

J'adore l'effet du micro-courant sur la peau de mon visage!
Essayer l'électrostimulation musculaire (EMS), c'est l'adopter!
J'ai hâte de constater les résultats à plus long terme!

James cunningham (Cheonan, KR)
Microcurrent facial roller

I have only been using the device for a few days so it is a little early to pass a definitive judgement but it seems good and I am satisfied.

Soothing product

This easy to use tool, makes your skin feel great while you are using it. Very soothing, just waiting to see the effects over time as I haven't had it very long.


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