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UltraGlow | Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

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Extract and Nourish With Ultrasonic and Ionic Technology

Achieve your purest complexion yet with the power of UltraGlow. Combining ultrasound and ionic technology this ultrasonic scrubber boasts intense rejuvenation benefits

It supports the skin through the whole renewal process by first cleansing and exfoliating through desincrustation,  before infusing nutrients deep into the skin through iontophoresis

Phase 1: Extract

Phase 2: Embed

Phase 3: Infuse

Extract, Clarify, Purify


UltraGlow | Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber - Project E Beauty
UltraGlow | Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Sale price$74.99






Powerful Dual Technology

Deep pore cleansing

Deincrustation works deep into the pores to extract impurities such as oil, make-up and dirt

Cell regeneration

Old skin cells are exfoliated away while triggering the renewal of new cells for a bright complexion


UltraGlow gently exfoliates the skin for deep extraction without damaging the skin barrier or causing excessive redness or irritation

Improves skin tone and texture

Skin tone appears more even and texture spots are smoothed out for a radiant finish

Enhanced skin nourishment

Once deincrustation has decongested the pores, iontophoresis enhances product absorption to prevent free radical damage and provide deep nourishment to the skin

Extract impurities, rejuvenate skin cells

Ultrasonic Scrubber Before and After


Agreed skin appeared less congested


Noticed a reduction in pore size


Experienced smoother, brighter skin after one use

What does deincrustation technology do for the skin?

Negatively charged ions effectively soften the skin decongest the pores by extracting oil, dirt, bacteria and other impurities

What does iontophoresis do for the skin?

Positively charged ions delivered in low level electric currents enhance the absorption of serums and other skincare products while lifting and hydrating the skin

What does ultrasonic skin scrubbing therapy do for the skin?

Ultrasonic vibrations loosen dead skin and extract impurities embedded deep into the pores. The high-level sound waves also support 'ultrasonic infusion therapy' to improve the absorption of active ingredients and hydrating products into the skin

Why is UltraGlow different from other exfoliation methods?

Dual technology

UltraGlow combines both deincrustation and iontophoresis treatment methods in a single device, this supports the skin through its full regeneration process, from extracting impurities, to triggering the growth of new skin cells

Lightweight and handheld

Designed with comfort and precision in mind, the UltraGlow is easy to operate at home or while traveling


Forget fumbling with awkward wires and complex operating instructions, UltraGlow is convenient and efficient

Suitable for all skin types

Many alternative exfoliation methods such as mechanical tools and chemical products are only suitable for certain skin types and can cause irritation, even damaging the skin barrier. Although UltraGlow is powerful, it is very gentle on skin promising a painless and non-invasive treatment with no downtime

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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Michelle M.
Not magic, but decent budget beauty tool

I saw an ad online for these types of tools. So I came to Amazon and read through reviews. This one had decent ones & a budget price point. Unboxed it, charged it and tried it on my husband. Was impressed at the results from his nose. I then tried it. Wasn't seeing much, remembered another customer saying keep face wet. Did that and starting seeing some gunk come out. Not every little thing, but enough to see on a piece of toilet tissue. Tried again later in the day and starting to get the hang of direction. Also used a bit of cleansing lotion to keep face moist. For a little over $20, I'm happy. Definitely better than useless cleaners or picking your skin. Directions are very simple, I looked at some video tutorials of other brands to get the hang of it.

Great product for the skin

Love it! Great product for skin care! It came perfectly fine and I used it right after I got it. It was perfect for my skin.

Good instrument.

Very good appearance, beautiful appearance, can improve the black nose head, has been a long time without serious cleaning of the skin, this has been used 3 times, to the husband's nose also made a clean, shovel is too cool, very good, grease immediately out, product steps simple and convenient operation, value for money. The condition of blackheads has obviously improved a lot, and the skin has become much more delicate.

Easy to use

Other brands I bought before, but it is broken. This is very easy to use.My skin has gotton so much better and make me feel good.Thanks.


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