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SmoothPro+ | IPL Hair Removal Device

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Velvety Soft Skin in 4 Weeks

Break up with razors and brace yourself for your smoothest and gentlest hair removal treatment yet. The SmoothPro+ is a revolutionary IPL hair removal device that promises smooth skin in just 4 weeks. It is FDA cleared meaning the device meets the highest in safety and efficacy standards. It targets hair right at the root to disrupt the growth, rest and shedding phase for long-lasting results. Gentle light pulses make it an ideal treatment option for various areas, including the face, underarms, bikini, as well as the legs, arms, and back

SmoothPro+ | IPL Hair Removal Device - Project E Beauty
SmoothPro+ | IPL Hair Removal Device Sale price$179.99 Regular price$299.99






What You Can Expect

Goodbye shaving

IPL is a lasting solution to achieving hair free skin. After 4 weeks hair is thinner and less noticeable, after 12 weeks hair growth is reduced entirely. Occasional top-up sessions are required to keep skin velvety soft


Unlike waxing, laser, and other uncomfortable hair removal methods, IPL is entirely painless. You may feel a warm sensation during treatment, which just indicates its effectiveness

Minimum maintenance

Quick, convenient, easy to use. After the initial treatment course maintenance is limited to touch up sessions as required


Smooth treatment method for smooth results. Ditch ingrown hairs, razor cuts, clogged pores and redness

IPL Hair Removal Before and After

Calmer, smoother skin in just 4 weeks


Intense Pulsed Light waves target hair at the root to prevent further regrowth. The melanin or 'pigment' in hair absorbs the light energy forcing the hair into resting phase. Once treated, the hair will fall out and your body responds by producing less hair from that follicle in the future

300,000 FLASHES

Hair removal lamp (front of the device) is primed to deliver 30,000 IPL flashes


The SmoothPro+ comes equipped with a built in skin sensor so you can test your skin's suitability before performing the treatment


Tailored to all skin sensitives SmoothPro+ has 5 intensity levels. For delicate areas use a lower setting and work up for areas such as the legs and arms


Saw a reduction in hair regrowth


Reported less ingrown hair


Easier than shaving and waxing

Skin Tone Color Chart

Is IPL suitable for you?

IPL treatment is not suitable for all skin and hair types - the technology cannot be used on white, grey, or red hair or very dark skin

*consult our skin tone and body hair chart before purchasing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Nice product

Awesome product! Highly recommend!So happy with this product. This was super easy to use and comes with directions that are very easy to follow. Within a couple of days of using it for the first time, I’ve noticed some of the small hairs falling out and disappearing! I’ve grown up having ingrown hairs and I can definitely see this benefiting me so much in the long run!

Great for removing hair

My wife has been wanting to try this at home hair removal for some time but we could never find anything that wasn’t going to cost us an arm and a leg while also working. This seems to be doing the job. We’ve only used it a few times so I’ll update this post if anything changes.

Actually it is working

I was so skeptical about it initially before using this product. the laser hair removal is working. The product is good and no noise at all. I am happy about the functioning of this tool. Great product

Works great and is very effective

It came with detailed instructions on how to use it. It works great for hair removal in all parts of body. Comes with glasses. I did my first session and also i am glad it is pain free.


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