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Reinvo | Facial Microdermabrasion Wand

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Real Skin Reveal with Microdermabrasion 

Your real skin is your best skin, reveal your true glow with our professional grade microdermabrasion wand designed to remove impurities and revive dull, congested skin

Reinvo combines microdermabrasion and vacuum therapy to deliver intense exfoliation without damaging your precious skin barrier. Microdermabrasion technology is a powerful mechanical exfoliation treatment that not only removes dead skin cells, but triggers full cell regeneration to reveal a fresh, bright and balanced complexion

The simultaneous vacuum therapy effect suctions away excess oil and impurities to enhance the effect of microdermabrasion

Hit reset on your skin with at home microdermabrasion therapy 

Reinvo | Facial Microdermabrasion Wand - Project E Beauty
Reinvo | Facial Microdermabrasion Wand Sale price$119.99





Reap the Benefits of Reinvo

Intense exfoliation that's gentle on skin

Combined microdermabrasion and vacuum therapy provide a deep skin exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and other impurities without damaging the skin barrier

Boost cell function

Promotes cellular rejuvenation through increased circulation and nourishment

Renew skin tone and texture

Brighter, more even complexion

Collagen production

Supports collagen synthesis for more elastic skin

Maximize skincare

The cleansing and exfoliation functions ensure skin actives and hydrating products such as serum and moisturizers are properly absorbed into the skin


Improves the appearance of acne scarring and other enduring blemishes

The Results are in

Reinvo Facial Microdermabrasion Wand Before and After

'No more dark pimples on my skin!'


"The product was what I was looking for for years. After the massage and all its functions, my skin is perfect! I recommended this product to you all!!"

- Fiorella, 19, Italy

'I felt like I had just left a professional beauty session!'


"I noticed my expression lines softening and my complexion becoming more radiant. The compliments from my husband boosted my confidence, reaffirming the effectiveness of microdermabrasion in my routine."

- Robiya, 42, Australia

'My skin got a fresh start and feels so much better now.'


"I started using this special device four weeks ago, and it's been amazing. My skin has changed a lot since then. It's much softer now, and the redness from my acne has gone down. The big pores on my face are hardly noticeable anymore. My skin looks more even and smooth."

- Gvantsa, 34, USA

Regular Head

Standard size tip, ideal for cheeks, forehead, jaw, nose, and neck

Fine Head

Perfect for the nose, and eye areas; safe for sensitive skin

Massage Head

Enhances blood circulation and stimulates collagen. Can be used daily

Body Head

Larger treatment head ideal for arms, legs, stomach, and back


Reported smoother skin


Noticed a brighter complexion


Said pores appeared smaller

How Reinvo Differs from Conventional Microdermabrasion Wands

3 Adjustable Intensity Levels

Choose level 1 for delicate areas and the higher levels for the non-delicate zones and body parts. Increase intensity as your skin adjusts

2 Modes

Choose the 4-minute guided auto mode or the manual mode which is the best for the arms, legs, and stomach.

Medical Grade

Reinvo offers a professional microdermabrasion treatment by gently exfoliating the skin using heads fitted with medical-grade diamond encrusted tips

LCD Smart Screen

Our device's intelligent LCD screen displays essential information, including the timer, suction level, mode indicator, and battery level. No guesswork—just efficient skincare

Rechargeable & Wireless

Let go of tangled cords and clumsy tech design. Our device is rechargeable and wireless making it suitable for use no matter the time or place

Incorporate Reinvo Into Your Routine

Shop the look

NEW INBEST SELLERReinvo | Facial Microdermabrasion Wand - Project E Beauty

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NEW INBEST SELLERReinvo | Facial Microdermabrasion Wand - Project E Beauty

15% off | VISIBILITY15

BEST SELLERLumamask Pro | LED Light Therapy Face Mask - Project E Beauty

15% off | VISIBILITY15

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Kindle Customer
Good Quality Made in China

Thus far,Dislikes: Made in China, for those who are interested in knowing the origin of the product.Likes: It seems good quality, I just received it and it has a 1 year warranty.

An easy-to-use, gentle exfoliation wand!

I’m over-the-moon happy with this microdermabrasion wand. The wand alone cost less than one microdermabrasion treatment you’ll receive at a spa. It comes nicely packaged, with easy-to-follow instructions. It fits so comfortably in my hand gliding so smoothly over my skin. The suction is perfect for my skin-type (Fitz 4-5) very tan, because I’ve done treatments before that have hyper-pigmented my skin. The gentle exfoliation gets rid of any debris, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. The quality of the product and overall effectiveness makes this product totally worth the try.

Almost instantaneous results

Most skincare treatments take time to see and feel results, but this micro dermabrasion wand provides almost instantaneous results that are similar to a chemical peel without the redness. After using this my skin feels so smooth and has a much more even tone.I really like that this is something that I can do myself at home. This wand is easy to use. It has a screen which directs me how to pull the wand over parts of my face. It also has a timer for each zone. I like that there is a pause button, which allows me to change out the different diamond heads for various regions of my face and neck. With the specialized tips it is just as easy to reach my nose as my cheeks. The slight vacuum suction feels really nice and doesn't cause any discoloration or bruising. In addition to three diamond tips, there is a large, smooth tip that is great for using on areas with cellulite.This rechargeable wand seems to have a great battery life. I charged it when I initially opened it and have used it for several sessions. This comes with a charging cord, but there is no charger block. I had to purchase one because I didn't have any blocks with a USB-C input rather than the standard USB.This comes with a cleaning brush and thirty felt filters, which should be replaced after each treatment. If I use this once a week as recommend, the filters will last a little over six months.I'm so glad I had the opportunity to use this machine. It makes my skin look and feel great.

Sheila K.
I love this!!!

Fantastic packaging! As sson as you open the microdermabrasion wand you will see this is a high quality product.Above are screen shot of the box and the contents.The very first thing to do is charge the wand.The variations of treatments available with a single wand is extraordinary! There are four different tips and several different levels of suction. Also you can use it on auto mode or manual.In order to get used to the product, I initially used it on my legs at the lowest setting. I also used only the regular tip. I then moved up to my jaw bone, just to see what the wand felt like on my face at a low setting. Fantastic!This wand is very useful for at home use. I am not any kind of doctor but I would say to start very slow. Get a feel for the suction and the different heads. I'm fairly certain that one could over use this and irritate your skin.No hesitation on recommending this product! It is great!!!


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