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Lumamask Pro | LED Light Therapy Face Mask

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Go Deeper Than Beauty with Lumamask Pro

Our FDA-cleared Lumamask combines red, blue and infrared light to create two powerful treatment modes that transcend skincare boundaries for intense skin rejuvenation and healing

Mode 1: Red LED and infrared technology work deep beyond skin's surface to recharge mitochondria and promote full cell regeneration. Intense anti-aging and restorative skin benefits

Mode 2: Blue and red LED combine to reduce overall inflammation and fight acne at the source. Targets acne at every stage of the life cycle from oil control, to eliminating acne- causing bacteria, redness and scarring

Lumamask Pro | LED Light Therapy Face Mask - Project E Beauty
Lumamask Pro | LED Light Therapy Face Mask Sale price$139.99






Benefits of Lumamask Pro

Deeply Restorative

Infrared light boosts the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin for intense skin renewal and a plumper, more elastic appearance

Improved skin tone

Fights hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone for a brighter and more balanced complexion

Reverse signs of photoaging

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage

Ultimate acne control

Eliminates P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for frequent breakouts

Skin barrier defense

Light therapy strengthens a compromised skin barrier to protect against environmental stressors, control skin irritation and improve appearance

The Results Are In

LED Light Therapy Before and After

 'If you have a bad habit of picking on your zits like I do, you need to try this'


"I was skeptical about LED masks but this helps my acne scars and redness around the area go away so much faster than normal."
- Marianne, 20s, USA

'I'm very impressed with the product'


"My skin feels stronger. It dramatically reduced the redness and my pores became smaller."
- Sol, 32, Spain

Smooth texture and marionette lines have improved


"Noticeable improvement to the marionette lines and skin has remained smooth."
- Angie, 56, UK

Built In Eye Protection

Built-in eye protection for ultimate safety and peace of mind

Lightweight Design

Crafted with comfort, and you in mind. Our elegant design rests comfortably and securely on your face for a tranquil treatment experience, every time

FDA-Cleared LED mask

Meeting the highest standard in terms of safety and effectiveness

72 LEDs

72 LEDs across 36 bulbs for powerful and even light distribution

Auto timer

Fully unwind without risk of overuse with our auto shut feature. Designed to power down after the optimal treatment time of 12 minutes


Of users noticed an improvement in scars and dark spots


Experienced less breakouts


Saw an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Cutting-edge Light Therapy Technology

Blue Light (Deep) 430nm - 445nm

Blue light therapy works by creating free radicals known for eliminating acne-causing bacteria propionibacterium acnes. Works close to the surface of the skin to control sebum production and heal acne scars

Red Light (Deeper) 635 - 644nm

Red light therapy penetrates deeper into the skin to stimulate fiber cells and promote collagen production

Infrared (Deepest) 845nm - 855nm

Infrared light works in a similar manner to red led light therapy - it boosts cellular function to create fibroblasts which make hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin - vital skin building blocks. What differentiates NIR is its ability to penetrate deep into the skin and even reach bones, tissue and muscles for an intense regenerative treatment

Incorporate Lumamask Pro Into Your Routine

Incorporate Lumamask Pro Into Your Routine

BEST SELLERLumamask Pro | LED Light Therapy Face Mask - Project E Beauty

15% off | VISIBILITY15

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BEST SELLERLumamask Pro | LED Light Therapy Face Mask - Project E Beauty

15% off | VISIBILITY15

NEW INBEST SELLERSensa | Nano Ionic Facial Steamer - Project E Beauty

15% off | VISIBILITY15

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Customer Reviews

Based on 444 reviews
Easy to use

 It’s easy to use and it’s rechargeable. I started off with 2 mins 2 days out of a week, my skin looks better than before. I think a the results are great and I can’t wait to see more results in the near future.

Angela r
Great mask

I'm new to all these new gadgets but I got this for my wrinkles and acne the light doesn't burn . Comes with built in glasses but I still kept my eyes closed. I will continue to use this everynight.

Interesting product, not for migraine sufferers

I have been waiting a while to write this review because I have really been trying to get a sense of what this mask is really all about. I am a fan of red light for the body, but have been a little more apprehensive to try it on my face for some reason. This is very simple to use--I mean, you just press the button and put the mask on. The lights are SOOOO bright. Even though there is a pair of sunglasses built in, the light still feels overwhelming to my eyes. I wouldn't dare open them when I am wearing this...I am so terrified it will blind me! I am still trying to figure out if there is something I can put over my eyes while using this just to protect them further...maybe like two round cucumber slices, I don't know?!You are supposed to wear this daily for twelve minutes after washing your face, but before applying any moisturizers/serums/oils, etc. which is actually hard for me to do...I like to moisturize my skin right after cleansing. It is nice that they included a small little hydrating serum with the mask. This feels slightly warming to the skin during the twelve minutes, but that's about it.My main concern is the fact that the user manual says not to use this mask if you've had a migraine within the past two years. Well, I have had maybe a couple of migraines per year so it probably isn't the best idea for me to use this mask. I want the benefits and still have been giving it a try despite the warning, but I have been very cautious. I tried it for half the time initially and then decided to go for it and do the full twelve minutes. I can't say that I see any immediate changes after less than two weeks of use, but I have felt a bit of a headache the next day after using...not sure if it is because of this, but it is a concern. I am going to keep trying to use this carefully because I really would love to see the results. I figure if it works on the face, maybe it could be used on other areas of the body so if all else fails and this triggers too many headaches, then I will use on my legs, hands, I don't know...somewhere just to see if it produces positive results.Oh and one last thing to mention, the sunglasses are very uncomfortable inside of the mask and leave dark red marks on my skin as you can hopefully see in the picture. I have tried to adjust/reposition them several times and this happens every time. This definitely needs to be improved, especially at such a steep price point.

Great LED light therapy mask

This LED therapy mask has 2 setting for red and blue light. The red light can help with wrinkles and firm your skin, the blue light can reduce acne, pores, blemishes and control oil. It's very easy to use, just wash your face first, select the light mode and leave it on 10 minutes and you are done. This package also comes with a collagen boost tube. I have not seen major changes to my skin but will keep using and monitor it and come back for a review if I see any differences.


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