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VORA Microcurrent Facial Roller


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Item: VORA Microcurrent Facial Roller
Item ID: PE723
Color: Silver
Solar Panel Rated Voltage: 200lux light ≥1.35V
Microcurrent: ≤10
Material: ABS
Net Weight: 60g
Package Size: 
69 X 41 X 150 mm
Treatment Area: Facial


1. Main unit X 1
Cleaning Cloth X 1
3. Storage Bag X 1
4. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1

- Facial Lift
- Skin Tightening
- Smooth Fine Lines
- Wrinkle Remove
- Kneading Massage 
- Anti Aging

❤ Facial Body Rollers: VORA Facial rollers emit a weak microcurrent by taking in light through a built-in solar panel. After absorbing energy from light through the solar panel, the rollers will release a little microcurrent to your body to enhance the lifting during massaging. Giving 10μA current at 200lux light source, microcurrent is akin to an extremely mild biological electrical current. You will not feel any stinging, vibration or tingling sensation.

❤ 3D Smooth Roller Massage: 360 degrees flexible roller ball deliver soft 3D kneading massager on your face and body, perfect for a facelift, skin tightening, face firming, body massage, anti-aging, and soothing therapy.

❤ Y-shaped Face Massager: Unique "Y" design enables close contact to your skin and creates considerable absorption between the rollers and your skin.

❤ Humanized Design: Ergonomically streamlined massage handle can be easily accommodated to work on different massage spots.

❤Easy to use: Easy to hold, easy to use, simplify, portable, no charging required, easy to clean. Lightweight and easy carry, you can take it wherever you go and enjoy the massage.

How to use?
1. Clean the device with a clean slightly wet cloth.
2. Face Care: Roll from bottom to top along with the face outline to firm the skin of mouth, cheek and face. Be careful overexert.
3. Neck Care: Grip the handle up, from the shoulder to the back of the neck, roll back and forth or up and down along the path.
4. Arms Care: Roll down from the elbows. Pay attention to adjust the angle of the roller and kneading intensity.
5. Legs Care: Roll from the ankle to the back of the knee and increase the number of rolls on your calf appropriately.
6. Waist Care: Scroll up and down from the sides of the waist to the middle to shape charming waistline.

What's More:
1. It is normal that the skin turns red after rolling.
2. Using time depends on personal preference. It is recommended to use the massage roller one time a day and 5-10 minutes each time. Then you can adjust the massage time according to the condition of your skin.
3. Better massage effect will be achieved when combined with slimming essence or high-quality skincare products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Yolanda Aguilar (Houston, US)

I've only had my roller for 2 days, still too new to review. Nice quality though, not cheap tool at all.

Ana R.

Good size, easy to use

Customer (Boca Raton, US)

Love it

P. Pan

It's a great massage tool, but not sure about the microcurrent.

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