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Mirrorvio+ | LED Travel Mirror

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For Flawless Make-up Application, Every time

Beauty routines just got a whole lot clearer with our Mirrorvio+ LED Travel Mirror. This high-tech illuminating mirror has three light modes to choose from - warm, soft white and daylight, so you can ensure a flawless make-up application every time. Complete with 3x and 5x magnifying mirrors it's ideal for checking the finer details of your make-up

The lightweight and stylish design offers a touch of luxury to every beauty ritual whether you are applying make up, skin care or styling your hair. Each mode allows you to see full color variation so you can wave goodbye to beauty faux-pas and say hello to an impeccable finish no matter what the occasion 

Mirrorvio Plus | LED Travel Mirror - Project E Beauty
Mirrorvio+ | LED Travel Mirror Sale price$69.99

Why Mirrorvio+ outperforms a conventional mirror

Clear and clean image

Better visibility making it perfect for make-up application, tweezing or skincare

Even illumination

Consistent lighting across all three light modes

Natural lighting

Daylight mode mimics natural lighting to ensure
accurate make-up application

Best available light

All three light modes harness LED technology to bring
you the best available light wherever you are

Beauty Techniques to Illuminate

Enhance your features, and your results

Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between before and after photos.

Adjustable and Portable

Lightweight, wireless and designed to travel with you. Adjust the angle to any position

3 Light Modes

72 Light bulbs incorporating 3 LED light functions. Choose from warm, soft or daylight LED

Touch Controls

Integrated touch sensor technology makes switching between modes smooth and easy

5X Magnification

3X and 5X magnification perfect for precision tasks such as applying eye-line, plucking or waxing

Large Screen Surface (21.9 x 5.4 x 29.4 cm)

Larger than a conventional travel mirror for a more detailed view


Agree make-up application is smoother


Experience more precise shaving and plucking


Agree it's easily transportable

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