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Faisca Neon & Argon | High Frequency Wand

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Treat a variety of skin concerns, including acne, pores, fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation and redness. Our versatile beauty tool is not just your ordinary wand – it's a multi-purpose device that can address a range of conditions.

Here's what the High-Frequency Wand can do:

・Effectively manage acne and blemishes
・Minimize enlarged pores for a smoother appearance
・Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
・Calm sensitive or irritated skin and reduce redness 

Faisca Neon & Argon |  High Frequency Wand
Faisca Neon & Argon | High Frequency Wand Sale price$74.99






Why your skin will love it

Target breakouts and acne: The Argon applicators, emit a current that produce oxygen. When applied to your face, the oxygen penetrates your skin destroying acne bacteria, leaving you with a blemish free complexion.

Diminish wrinkles: The Neon applicators work by helping your skin produce more collagen, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles giving you youthful-looking skin.

Pore treatment: Oxygen molecules created by the high-frequency currents dive deep into your skin to clean out unwanted waste giving you a gentle pore-refining treatment.

Tackles dullness: The gas produced hydrates cells in the skin with nutrients. This improves circulation and cell renewal giving you soft and energized skin after treatment.

Simple device for optimal results - Just use two or three times per week.


experienced tighter and firmer skin


noticed an improvement in skin tone and texture


saw a reduction in breakouts


Treats cheeks, forehead, and jawline.


Used for acne and other skin imperfections. Perfect for smaller areas around the nose, lips etc.


Reduces appearance of acne and pimples.


Treats the scalp. Energizes hair follicles for healthy hair growth while reducing dryness and dandruff.


For the neck, arms and legs.


Ideal for use on the body, forehead and other broad areas.

What makes it special

Includes 6 beauty applicators
For treating a variety of areas face, body and hair.

Customizable Dial
The electrical current can be increased or decreased for your comfort level.

Simple to clean
All you need to do is turn the power off and then wipe the electrodes with a damp cloth and surface disinfectant.

Quick to set up
Just plug in the device and apply your preferred applicator

Safety Considerations:
Be sure to remove any metal jewelry before your treatment.
Avoid using AHA or glycolic acid products with the high frequency wand. Avoid contact with broken capillaries, spider veins, and rosacea. Do not use high frequency during pregnancy. Never operate a high-frequency machine with a broken bulb. Always use a towel or tissue folded over the electrode to remove the electrodes and pull directly outward.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 308 reviews
Maria Longoria (Austin, US)
So Sad

I absolutely loved this device. Wish I had used it sooner but my husband and I have been super busy. Finally got around to using and it I saw IMMEDIATE result. Sadly it only worked 3 times. Then the circuit board inside started to burn one soldering point at a time I guess. Because it was one black spot now all three are black and when I opened it smoke was coming out. So sad. So disappointed. I love this thing. Wish it worked. My lines around my eyes are already very diminished. After only 3 uses!! I just wish it still worked. I need a refund or exchange. But it looks like they break easily and often by the looks of these reviews. The lines around my mouth were worse but after ONE try I woke up the next day to them being almost gone. My pores are FINALLY SMALLER. i had two cystic acne pimples and I zapped them once and both are already gone in ONE DAY. FOR ANYONE NOT SEEING RESULTS: use high quality skincare. This device expedites the affects and makes them penetrate way deeper. I use two very high quality serums. They work fine but with this device I am finally getting their maximum potential in pretty much instantaneous time. Absolutely love this device. I’m very torn on this review and product.

Chaimaa Sail (Makkah, SA)
I want a refund

Hello I have received the wand but two of the wands are not working completely and one of them got broken in my hand while I was taking it off and my hand is bleeding now 

Nice device

Halo okay, had issues with activity tracking at the beginning, but after one week of usage it’s been fixed

A/C Beckett (Thornhill, CA)

When I first got the package today it came perfectly as expected sealed in cellophane. Upon opening it up, it was cold so I allowed it to get to room temperature prior to attempting to use it.I love myself the opportunity to get familiar with inserting and ejecting all of the ones prior to using I did notice that after I cleanse my face and started my treatment that the violet mushroom head didn’t really feel like it was doing much, although the violet intense wand was AMAZING! I am familiar with this technology as I also have a dermawand from a different company and this violets precise wand kicked it’s butt! The o2 smell is MUCH STRONGER and then the orange wands are all good as well, also I found personally that the Y wand worked best on jaw line and cheekbones as I have high ones. Overall I’m excited and very optimistic. After my treatment I have a healthy glow that is impossible to ignore. Will definitely do a further review in a few weeks as I plan on using daily in my skin regime. Hope this review helps.


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