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BodySculpt | LED RF Beauty System

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A Body Revolution

Introducing our 3-1 innovative body slimming device designed to sculpt, firm and smooth

BodySculpt combines LED, radio frequency and ultrasonic slimming therapy to offer intense and lasting results

From boosting collagen production, to dissolving cellulite and targeting excess body fat, BodySculpt promises firmer, tighter skin and improved body confidence with consistent 10 minute treatments

Because we know beauty doesn’t end with the face

Join the Body Revolution


BodySculpt | LED RF Beauty System - Project E Beauty
BodySculpt | LED RF Beauty System Sale price$249.90






Breakthrough Body Benefits

Sculpts the body

Dissolves fat cells and sagging skin for a more sculpted appearance

Boosts skin firmness

Powerful red LED technology promotes collagen production for firmer, more elastic skin

Skin smoothing

Improves skin texture and tone restoring a more youthful appearance

Targets cellulite

Targets fat cells under the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Stretch marks

Promotes overall skin healing to target the appearance of stretch marks and other skin blemishes

Lymphatic drainage

Encourages lymphatic drainage to combat bloating and eliminate toxins

The Results Are In

BodySculpt Before and After

"Real results with consistent use!"


"I recommend this product. I have used it 4 times and I have 1 inch of fat off!!"

- Bianca C.
(results after 4 sessions)

"Quite impressive results!"


As some others have said, its frequency and consistent use! I am very pleased overall, as I have had "thermage" and other salon treatments costing over 1500 to little effect."

- Anonymous
(results after 60 days of 10-minute sessions)

3 in 1 Technology

Combines led+ radio frequency
ultrasonic slimming therapy for intense and lasting results


Portable, easy to use - designed for use on a wide range of areas including arms, legs, abdomen, hips, bottom and back

Wireless and Rechargeable

Wireless design offers flexibility and efficiency

4 Powerful Probes

Treatment head is designed with 4 powerful conductor probes to deliver technology optimally across the treatment area

Auto Shut Off

Specially crafted with an auto shut off feature for maximum safety - device powers down after each 10 minute treatment session

No Side Effects

A non-surgical body sculpting alternative with zero down time


Noticed a more toned silhouette


Reduced appearance of cellulite


Experienced less sagging skin

BodySculpt Technology

Red LED Light Therapy (625nm)

Heat energy effectively penetrates the dermal later of the skin to boost the production of collagen and elastin - the foundation of skin firming

Radio Frequency

Electromagnetic energy penetrates the dermis to heat collagen stores and generate new collagen cells and other key proteins. Promotes total cell rejuvenation to tighten sagging skin and promote a smoother appearance


Ultrasonic cavitation works by emitting low frequency ultrasonic waves to dissolve fat deposits ultimately melting away fat from areas such as the torso, hips, legs and arms

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Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews
Anonymous (Brentwood Bay, CA)
Quite impressive results!

As some others have said, its frequency and consistent use. I applied the device with the slimming essence on my abdomen and part of my right middle back where I had a fatty area. The pics shown are 60 days of use, every day for 10 minutes. I do believe the slimming essence has made a difference as well. I am very pleased overall. as I have had "thermage" and other salon treatments costing over 1500.00 to little effect. I will continue to use, just for fun or for maintenance. Included is a pic of me, 10 years ago in 2011. Even then I had a chunky waistline!! I am now 66 years old, so pretty darn happy with these results.

Bianca Ciot (Boisbriand, CA)
RF ultrasonic slimming thearpy

I recommand this product. I have use it 4 times and i have 1 inch of fat off!!

Slimmer that actually works

Let me tell that this thing actually works pretty well. Ive been using it for a few days now and i feel a very slight difference and its very convenient to use, All the instructions were provided in the manual, I set it up and used it with oil. Actually emits some heat to burn the fat. Not a great difference so far but something I can personally tell. Its got a few different modes but it really does help tone the body. Shaped in a way to make it easier for the hand. Comes with a cleaning cloth for cleaning after use. Good Quality Product.

Lady Lay
Great product - use regularly to get good results

I have been using this product for about week and starting to experience some firmness! I have been using this on my tummy and thighs and I can feel that it has become somewhat firmer. You need to remember to apply plenty of cream for it to massage the area well - ideally firming cream or gel. It feels rather relaxing and soothing. If you stick to a daily routine, you should start to notice some results. The product itself is really nicely packaged and it feels like a strong quality product that will last. It has 3 functions - ultrasonic vibration, red light therapy and radio frequency. I'm hoping I would really notice a difference in a month or so.


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