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Article: What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation EMS and how it works?

What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation EMS and how it works?

What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation EMS and how it works?


Personal fitness is on the minds of everybody, and new year’s resolutions are filled with workout regimes and sticking to workouts. However, the upkeep of a toned and muscular body requires a lot of time and dedication. In our busy schedules, this may seem like a distant dream. However, here’s where EMS can you help you maintain your hard work.

Radio Frequency therapy with EMS– use and benefits.

Electronic muscle stimulation was originally used for rehabilitation purposes, recommended mainly to athletes to ease aches and train muscle fibers deeper. It can even be used to target medical issues like circulatory and muscular disorders. EMS can aid by developing muscle strength and also by stimulating the nerves in the brain to produce more natural painkillers such as endorphin.

However, lately it’s been moving into the field of cosmetics and fitness. The noninvasive treatment has gained popularity due to its ability to slim down problem areas such as the waist, thighs, and arms. The most recent EMS treatment devices are known to be a good supplement to workouts as they have many benefits! These include the promotion of lymphatic drainage, collagen production and better circulation throughout the body. As a result, you will notice that the therapy contours your body and improves strength in muscles as you keep using it.

EMS makes use of small electrical pulses that then stimulate the muscle fibers and nerves. The therapy works to mimic actions of the brain as a means to activate any muscle. Then, the brain sends pulses to the muscle region. When the muscles receive these “shocks”, they expand and contract– almost like how they would in a regular physical workout. With this “workout” your muscles tighten and get toned, but they also stimulate the increased production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), a chemical element that is responsible for repair and skin renewal. As a result, over time you will notice a much more contoured shape on the areas that you apply the electronic muscle stimulation therapy to.

Furthermore, the EMS therapy boosts cellular metabolism which will help in achieving fat loss as a result. And despite EMS being a more popular device for use on larger body parts, like your stomach or thighs, you can also use it to achieve the same results on the face. Facial muscles are constantly in use, and thus are subjected more the wrinkles and aging factors. When treating the facial muscles, EMS provides a visible lift, decreasing the visibility of sagging skin and it enhances its elasticity.

More physical benefits of this type of therapy are increased muscle strength. When the neurons in the muscles are targeted, they become more toned and stronger, giving you an improved posture– another physical benefit of EMS. With frequent use, you can also find that you have lesser body aches and a reduced tension in your muscles. This can help you attain a well-shaped and contoured body, while also helping you maintain it by improving the metabolism rate of cells in your body. All these together help you rapidly lose fat and also cellulite to an extent.

Trying out EMS at home– aim to hydrate and smooth your skin!


What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation EMS and how it works?


Whether you are looking to help boost your workouts, or achieve a body contour, at-home Electronic Muscle Stimulation devices are becoming more available and affordable to everyone, not just athletes.

The Needle-Free Mesotherapy Device is specifically detailed for facial treatment and it uses LED light therapy to transmit natural light waves into the skin. The skin cells are then activated by the light and produce energy that your skin can absorb to beautify its texture and complexion of. The device also uses EMS therapy which can increase body temperature, which in turn increases the metabolism rate of the skin cells. This promotes the breakdown of fat in the body. The radio frequency skin-tightening treatment is a sure way to rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity.


Another option to consider is the Skin & Eye Wrinkles Smoothing Set. The set consists of 3 pieces; the Needle-free mesotherapy device, a bottle of collagen gel, and a bottle of intensive eye repair essence. The combination of LED light therapy and serums that is offered will not only firm and tighten your skin into a youthful complexion, but it will also help hydrate and smooth your skin. The EMS mesotherapy device promotes blood circulation and helps with facial shaping and contouring, while the serums smoothen out fine lines or wrinkles, while helping your skin retain its natural moisture.


For those of you seeking to maintain your fitness and youth, electronic muscle stimulation and LED light therapy are great ways to implement this. It helps you achieve a toned figure while also upkeeping the hard work you put in. Best of all, you don’t have to step foot outside your house!


 written by Sophie Flair




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