The future of skincare is here, LED light masks that aptly look like futuristic headpieces utilize the latest in irradiation technology to deliver transformative skin benefits. This innovative skin treatment, formerly an exclusive in-clinic procedure done only by certified aestheticians, is now within your reach. Take a bite out of this beauty trend and soon find this skinvestment worthwhile with all its incredible anti-aging and anti-blemish effects. Choose from the many LED masks and devices being sold today - it’s the best time to get your hands on one. 

LED light treatments happily deliver on their promises: improved acne management, reduced signs of skin aging, and spa-quality treatment in the comfort of your own home. To help you start your own LED light skincare journey, here are a few more facts to consider.

What is LED light therapy? 


LED light therapy is the use of UV-free, non-heating LED bulbs to treat a variety of skin conditions. Light energy penetrates the skin and activates photoreceptors which then trigger natural cellular processes such as collagen production, healing, and cell regeneration.  

Do LED Light Masks Work?

Do LED Light Masks Work?

LED light therapy may sound like new technology but it has been around since the 1980s. Its excellent track record dates back to1980s NASA where it was first developed to aid in plant growth. Red light therapy was further enhanced in medical science to alleviate pain, which was a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  

Today, light therapy, or phototherapy in general is quickly becoming a medical essential that can help to improve different medical conditions. It is particularly very useful in treating skin disorders and boosting skin health. A 2018 study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology confirms the effectiveness of phototherapy devices when used to treat mild to moderate acne and wounds. 


What Are The Benefits Of An LED Mask?

LED light therapy masks or devices, depending on the features, are usually equipped with different visible light colors that cater to specific skin concerns and issues. 

  • Red Light - the color for anti-aging and wound healing; promotes increased blood flow and collagen production
  • Blue Light - the antibacterial light, destroys acne-causing bacteria; regulates oil production
  • Green Light - the color that lightens skin and improves pigmentation as well as the appearance of fine lines
  • Yellow Light - the deep-penetrating light that promotes better hydration for a smoother and more refined complexion
  • Purple Light - the anti-wrinkle hue; promotes cell renewal and improves lymphatic drainage
  • Light Blue Light - the soothing kind; calms skin allergies and inflammation
  • White Light - the all-in-one light; enhances nutrient absorption

Try This: LED Light Therapy Mask - Silicone

Try This: LED Light Therapy Mask - Silicone

What’s the best thing about owning a LED light therapy mask? It’s the convenience of being able to do treatments in the comfort of home! LED light therapy at home also gives you the freedom to do something else or simply lie down and lounge during treatment sessions. 

For more comfortable treatments, Project E Beauty’s silicone LED Light Therapy Mask features a flexible LED face panel that bends and hugs the face for a perfect fit. The strap that goes around the back of the head is easily adjustable to give the wearer more comfort. Lay down or sit in a relaxing position during sessions that can last for up to 15 minutes. The silicone LED mask is equipped with 66 LED bulbs that emit blue and red light. 

This silicone LED light therapy device offers two visible LED light colors. Red light has anti-aging benefits and boosts collagen production. Blue light helps with mild to moderate acne and calms and soothes skin inflammation.

The Anti-Aging Red Light

The Anti-Acne Blue Light

Red light is known for its collagen-boosting and healing powers. For cosmetic use, this wavelength penetrates roughly 8 to 10 mm below the skin’s surface, stimulating the production of collagen. This helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and diminish other signs of aging.

Give your acne-prone skin a break with healing blue light that reaches down to the follicles and pores to destroy acne-forming bacteria. This type of light may also help in reducing the activity of oil glands to prevent further acne formation. Blue light soothes and has a calming effect on inflamed and irritated skin.

How Often Should You Use An LED Light Mask?

For beginners, treatments using a LED light therapy mask can be done up to four times a week starting with 10-minute sessions. Once favorable results start appearing, reduce treatments to twice a week - you may do longer sessions for up to 15 minutes each. LED bulbs provide pure light energy and are very powerful so there is no need to amp up usage to achieve better results.   

Do LED light treatments at home while babysitting, during breaks at the office, and while relaxing on a holiday - just about anytime and anywhere! The silicone mask connects to a wireless control box that you can recharge, no need to sit or lie near a wall.

Before And After: A Comparison

Before And After: A Comparison LED Masks

This non-invasive skin treatment is a convenient way to achieve skin goals with your favorite skincare products and established routines. Below are some of the most popular benefits of LED light treatments. 

Fine lines and wrinkles

Smaller fine lines start to fade and wrinkles such as crow’s feet are significantly improved (reduced appearance) 

Dull and dry skin 

Red light helps increase blood flow which gives the skin a radiant glow, boosted collagen production also helps hydrated dry skin

Acne and blemishes

Pimples are visibly dried out after the first week of use, blemishes start to fade as well

Inflamed, irritated skin 

Blue light instantly calms and soothes inflamed skin cause by acne and other skin conditions

LED Light Mask, Is It Worth It?

LED light therapy devices don’t come cheap but are they worth it? Yes, if you find the right device that will work best for your skin’s needs. In the long run, having your own LED mask can provide you the same results as frequent clinic visits - without the hefty price tag. What makes it more worthwhile? It’s convenience. LED light therapy only takes a few minutes of your time two or three times a week, lets you laze around while doing it, and does not require recovery time - all of these with a guarantee of healthier, glowing skin. The choice should be easy, start your LED skincare journey today. 


 written by Charlotte Rycroft

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