LED Light Mirror: The Secret To Good Makeup Application


Sadly, not all mirrors on the wall can tell you you’re the fairest of them all. It seems some kind of sorcery, how you look okay in one mirror and then different everywhere else. But in reality, it’s all a trick of the light. Lighting conditions during makeup application can make or break a good makeup look. 

Don’t let bad lighting ruin your form of self-expression. Elevate face art with an LED light mirror that can guarantee great makeup looks no matter where you are. 

The Benefits Of Good Lighting in Makeup Application

The Benefits Of Good Lighting in Makeup Application

It can’t be stressed enough: poor lighting is not conducive to proper color blending. Here’s a classic horror story: putting on makeup in a poorly lit room and coming out as an unblended mess in public. How important is it to have good lighting?

Provides good visibility - Being able to see everything clearly should be top priority. Never miss anything with sufficiently diffused lighting that covers all of your features. 

Balances your look  - A balanced look is somewhere in between overdone and underdone makeup. Achieve this almost effortlessly with good lighting that covers all the right angles of your face.

Complements your makeup choice -  Got expensive makeup? Good lighting that shows true tone  is also a good quality test for your favorite makeup pieces. 

To achieve makeup goals, you need the kind of lighting that will bring out both the best and the worst in your canvas, that is your face. Light helps the human eye detect the right colors and so it’s only fitting that you have the proper lighting on, whether it’s contouring, highlighting, overlining the lips, strobing, or whatever makeup technique you want to use. 

Makeup Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Makeup Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Natural daylight is the best kind of light to use during makeup application. Here is a list of lighting styles and techniques that you should avoid. 

Downlighting and Uplighting - Light coming from below, like a flashlight under your chin, is a jumpscare waiting to happen. Light coming from above is easily an interrogation scene. Pro-tip: when all else fails, a combination of both will do.    

Golden Hour - When the sun is high in the sky, daylight seems redder and softer. This makes everything warm looking and dramatic, which is good if you’re taking a photo. As for makeup application, true tones cannot be achieved with this type of lighting. 

Fluorescent Light - The brighter, the better does not work for makeup application. You’ll tend to overdo colors on your cheeks or even the foundation as glaring light dilutes colors which gives the illusion of paleness. 

Yellow Light - Warm yellow lighting instantly changes the face - it makes you look older and tired. Lack of clarity and brightness can lead to over application of concealer and other makeup products. 

How To Achieve Good Makeup Lighting?

How To Achieve Good Makeup Lighting?
  1. Natural daylight is a priority - Always strive to set up with natural daylight to save you from embarrassing makeup mistakes. Get natural light by the window in a way that distributes the light evenly and adequately across your face. This helps you get an accurate reflection, imperfections and all. 
  2. Stand directly in front of the light - Don’t stand underneath the light to prevent casting shadows. Light sourcing from above can give you under-eye bags so you’ll tend to go heavy on the concealer. The ideal setup is lighting that shines on your face from the front. It should cover both sides, the top, and the bottom of your face.  
  3. Use LED lighted mirrors - You can’t have the luxury of natural lighting all the time - experience the benefits of an LED light mirror. This type of vanity mirror is designed to provide you with perfect lighting to help you nail that flawless makeup application anytime, anywhere. 

Mirrorvio: Your Next Makeup Application Essential 

Mirrorvio: Your Next Makeup Application Essential

A makeup faux pas seems inevitable if you’re putting it on with faulty lighting. Prevent makeup blunders from happening with the Project E Beauty Mirrorvio, a portable LED-lighted makeup mirror. 

 The Mirrorvio is not your ordinary vanity mirror. It utilizes 72 LED bulbs, the intensities of which can be adjusted according to your preference. On top of that, you can also choose from three light modes to help you perfect that flawless makeup look: warm, soft white, and daylight. Achieve ideal lighting conditions effortlessly with two touch sensor buttons to help you adjust the settings.

To customize the Mirrorvio’s lighting, press and hold the power button to adjust the intensity of the light. The three light modes can be switched by pressing the rotation button and selecting your desired light mode. Simply press the power button to turn it off.

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 written by Charlotte Rycroft




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