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Ice Roller Massager for Face Eye Body Massage Under Eye Puffiness Brightening Cooling Therapy Cool Roller Skin Tightening Skin Care Reduce Wrinkles Dark Circles Muscle Soreness Pain Relief Redness Inflammation


$19.99 USD

Item: Ice Roller Massager for Face Eye Body Massage Under Eye Puffiness Brightening Cooling Therapy Cool Roller
Item ID: PE039 
Color: White 
Size(mm): 192 x 86 x 57 mm 
Size(Inch): 7.6 x 3.4 x 2.2 Inch 
Weight: 130g (4.6Oz) 
Lowest Temperature: 0°C / 32°F 

1. Main Unit X 1 
2. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1 

1. Relieve tired eyes  
2. Relieves facial fatigue. 
3. Relieves pain and redness 
4. Eliminates facial dropsy. 
5. Shrink pores and clam skin 
6. Reduces muscle tension and spasm around the eyes, face and jaw. 

- Virtually no side effects 
- Non-invasive procedures 
- No anesthetic required 
- No influence to daily life 
- Easy to use 
- Portable 
- Warranty 
The Ice Roller is filled with water and gel. This roller uses an ice-cold barrel that rolls smoothly over the skin providing relaxation and relief instantly. The Ice Roller can be used to reduces pain, puffiness, redness and tighten skin. 
COLD 0°C / 32°F 
It detoxifies and shrinks pores; soothes and refreshes puffy eyes, swollen face, and large skin pores. The cold therapy approaches facial rejuvenation and shortens time and truly making a “quicker lift.”  

As we age, the top layers of our skin loses more moisture. Older skin renews itself every four to six weeks, unlike the three to four weeks for younger skin. This older skin has a dry and dehydrated condition, resulting in fine wrinkles and age spots. People who frequently suffer from sudden tenseness and muscle pain often find that heat compression soothes their discomfort. Meanwhile, physicians and physiotherapists tell us to use ice packs to reduce swelling and aid recovery.  

How to use? 
1. Simply place the ice roller in the freezer at least ten minutes or until it is cold. 
2. Apply the ice roller to your desired area with a back and forth rolling motion.

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