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LumaPro | Tricolor LED Light Therapy Panel

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Full Body LED Treatment Panel 

Our LumaPro | Tricolor LED Light Therapy Panel is a 3 color LED lamp designed to clear, brighten and smooth the skin

Multi-purpose powerhouse device is designed to cover larger treatment areas such as the chest, back, arms and torso. Is also suitable for use on the face, neck and head

Combines yellow, blue and red LED to create 7 unique treatment combinations to suit  any and every skin concern

From anti aging, to acne treatment and total skin rejuvenation, the LumaPro LED light therapy lamp employs targeted technology to treat and prevent the most common skin concerns

LumaPro | Tricolor LED Light Therapy Panel - Project E Beauty
LumaPro | Tricolor LED Light Therapy Panel Sale price$349.00





How does LED Light Therapy Nourish Your Skin?

Red LED Light Therapy

Potent anti aging technology penetrates the skin's surface to stimulate collagen production, repair damaged skin, promote elasticity and skin firmness and target blemishes

BLUE LED Light Therapy

Powerful anti acne treatment, blue light effectively destroys acne causing bacteria found on the skins surface. Perfect treatment for acne prone skin - controls oil production, reduces inflammation and redness associated with breakouts while reducing the appearance of acne scars

Yellow LED Light Therapy

Robust anti blemish treatment. Yellow light targets skin closer to the surface, reaches the soft tissue to promote total skin renewal. Improves skin texture and tone, relieves redness and inflammation. Promotes lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluid and toxins from the body. Fades dark spots and blemishes caused by sun exposure. Regulates sleep and improves mood

Purple LED Light Therapy

(Red + blue setting) Purple light therapy offers all the benefits of red and blue LED individually while enhancing the light's ability even out skin tone and target hyperpigmentation and inflammation

Green LED Light Therapy

(Blue + yellow setting) Robust treatment for blemish prone skin - decreases the production of melanin to prevent the formation of age spots, sun spots and dark spots form the skin's surface

Orange LED Light Therapy

(Yellow + red setting) Combines benefits of yellow and red light individually while adding an enhanced glow for a brighter and more elevated complexion. Perfect pre occasion treatment for that extra glow boost

In-clinic results, from home

Full skin rejuvenation

7-1 Treatment

Advanced full body light therapy device offers 7 treatment formulas to target a wide range of skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, inflammation and redness

Adjustable Design

Flexible, adaptable and versatile. The LumaPro is designed to treat various body parts with maximum precision - adjust outer panels to target desired treatment area

Potent Technology

The LumaPro comes equipped with 420 powerful LED light bulbs arranged in a 'U' shaped design for ultimate light penetration and coverage. The system is designed to create a double reflection between the mirror plate and the skin's surface enhancing the power of the bulbs by 120-130%


Noticed improved skin texture


Experienced a more youthful glow


Non-invasive technology

Press Testimonials

If you want to experiment with LED masks without breaking the bank, this offering features lights that kill bacteria under the surface, calms skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, all for just over $100.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lisa (Carver, US)
Love it!

Love it!

Mr. Montariol Stephan
Compter les frais de douane sur le prix affiché

Super machine mais frais de douanes délirants...50€ !

Mr. Montariol Stephan
Compter les frais de douane sur le prix affiché

Super machine mais frais de douanes délirants...50€ !

So far so good...

Purchased Project E Beauty Mini Foldable PDT LED Photon Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Machine as I was having professional LED therapy treatments in a salon that I found to be a real benefit to my skin so decided to purchase my own machine and save some money. It was very difficult to decide which one would give me maximum results and professional salon benefits without spending a fortune as there are so many LED Therapy Treatment machines on the market and you never really know whether they are going to work as well or give you the results you desire. Anyway I opted for this Project E Beauty Mini Foldable Machine as it offered all the essential and standard treatments compared to the LED face masks but this machine has nearly 3 times more LED lights and gives you the option to have body treatments as well as facial treatments. The machine is easy enough to use and well made, the structure is solid and not flimsy. Have trialled it out on my face so far for one month on a regular basis using different colour light modes and you can definitely see a vast improvement in my skin with all previous flare ups and irritations that were a constant re-occurrance especially on my forehead; these have now disappeared. It is recommended you use a hyaluronic acid serum with the treatment and after each treatment my skin really glows and is absolutely radiant. If you can't afford or are reluctant to spend a lot of money on a really expensive LED light therapy machine (as there are plenty of them on the market and I'm sure would give excellent results) then I would definitely recommend this Project E Beauty one to start off with; I wouldn't say it's a highly professional or medical machine that you would see in a salon but I reckon you can't go much wrong with it and you surely will be pleased with the results this machine gives in the comfort of your home.