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LumaGlow Red & Blue | LED Light Therapy Wand

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Glow Above and Beyond with LED

The LumaGlow Red & Blue is an FDA-cleared skin rejuvenation device offering the benefits of both blue and red LED in a single beauty tool

LumaGlow offers a convenient and effective solution for treating acne, preventing premature aging and repairing skin health and integrity

Use red, blue, or a combination of both to achieve clear, ultra-smooth and remarkably elastic skin

We apologize in advance for the slew of skin compliments (not really)

LumaGlow Red & Blue | LED Light Therapy Wand - Project E Beauty
LumaGlow Red & Blue | LED Light Therapy Wand Sale price$149.99






The Skin Nourishing Power of LED

Skin soothing

Blue LED in particular has strong anti-inflammatory abilities. It calms inflamed skin resulting from acne, eczema, psoriasis or low level inflammation

Acne control

Blue LED is a powerful acne treatment that rids acne-causing bacteria from the surface of the skin to minimize breakouts

Skin healing

Both red and blue light boast intense healing properties and repair the skin barrier, heal wounds, and reduce scarring

Supports healthy skin aging

Red light has powerful anti-aging benefits including a reduction the appearance of fine lines

Lifts and firms the skin

Red light promotes collagen synthesis. New collagen stores are produced to protect the skin from premature sagging to maintain an elastic, and youthful complexion

Discover Fresh Faced Bliss with Luma

LED Light Therapy Before and After



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How does LED light therapy work?

Red: Red light supports cellular energy to boost the production of collagen and elastin, key skin components

Blue: The specific blue wavelength triggers a chemical reaction on the skin, this process destroys the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes that is responsible for acne breakouts

Can I use blue and red light at the same time?

No, the panel heads are interchangeable, giving you the full power of blue or red LED treatments individually


Noticed a reduction in fine lines


Experienced fewer breakouts


Saw a reduction in hyperpigmentation

High Powered Features by LumaGlow


LumaGlow is an FDA-cleared device offering the highest standards in terms of safety and efficacy

Precision Technology

Each blue and red panel is expertly designed with 44 compact LEDs to deliver a targeted and intense treatment every time


Wireless design for use at home or on the go

Safety Prioritized

All our LEDs are non-heating for maximum safety. Our bulbs do not contain harmful UV rays responsible for premature aging

Simple functionality

Designed with you mind, LumaGlow is easy to operate with just three control buttons and 5 convenient auto-timer settings to choose from minimizing the risk of overuse

Incorporate LumaGlow Into Your Routine

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BEST SELLERNEW INLumaGlow Red & Blue | LED Light Therapy Wand - Project E Beauty
LumaGlow Red & Blue | LED Light Therapy Wand Sale price$149.99

15% off | VISIBILITY15

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BEST SELLERNEW INLumaGlow Red & Blue | LED Light Therapy Wand - Project E Beauty
LumaGlow Red & Blue | LED Light Therapy Wand Sale price$149.99

15% off | VISIBILITY15

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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Seems Good Quality But Can’t Use Due To Migraines & Use of NSAIDs, AHAs, Retinol & Essential Oils

This Project E Beauty LumaGlow for Red & Blue LED Light Therapy makes a good impression. It’s a rechargeable unit that’s lightweight but still looks and feels sturdy. It’s easy to operate and functions properly. The device is comfortable to hold, and it’s a cinch to swap the magnetic red and blue light attachments. The device comes with goggles for eye protection and good instructions that are easy to understand.I’ve tested out this device for short periods after cleansing, and it’s a pain free device I’d like to use regularly to see to if it can help with wrinkles, occasional breakouts and so on. But the instructions indicate “Do not use” this device in common situations that apply to me. So I’ve only tried this device a few times in short increments to see what it’s like to use and make sure it works.I can’t use this device as it says “Do not use” if you’ve had a migraine in the last two years, if using a product with an AHA or glycolic acid, or are taking/using anything that can cause photosensitivity (e.g., NSAIDS and retinoids). And I use skincare with citrus essential oils. The instructions also say “do not use” if pregnant or taking/using antibiotics, neuroleptics, antifungals, steroid shots and so on.The device seems like it’s good quality and easy enough to use that I’d be able to stick with it over time if suitable for me. But I can’t gauge it’s effectiveness first hand, and FDA clearance doesn’t mean FDA found the device effective. It may well provide some benefits (especially for acne), but I just can’t say so can’t I’d just suggest checking to see if use is appropriate before making the purchase. 3 stars.

Bright R
Easy to use/ compact

 Project E Beauty LumaGlow Red & Blue LED Light Therapy | FDA Cleared Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Anti Acne Spot Scars Wrinkles Removal Skin Care Spa Home Facial Device (2 in 1 Red & Blue Light)Easy to operate and easy to hold.The red and blue lights are interchangeable (magnetic) and clearly labeled.I like that it is cordless (it is with rechargeable battery)

I have good faith on it but more time is needed to tell

I heard of these red therapies for wrinkles and blue light for blemishes and acnes a long time ago. Luckily, now I have a chance to use it at home. Since the result is very slow and gradual, it is hard to tell in a couple of days.This light therapy is just a simple handheld little device with two magnetic attachments that can be interchanged for different purposes, red for skin rejuvenation and blue for blemishes.I used the red light for my forehead, cheek, and neck area for 10 minutes each for the past 2 days. It was no surprise that I had not noticed any difference yet. But on the other hand, the blue light seems to be drying up the sebums in my nose area fairly quickly. So maybe this device is more effective for blemishes than wrinkles or fine lines.

Very powerful!

 This Project Beauty LumaGlow Red and Blue therapy light comes with protective glasses, 1 Red LED therapy light, 1 Blue LED therapy light and a manual. It’s super easy to use, there is a “Play/stop” button, a “Timer” button and “Pulse” button. You are suppose to use this therapy light with your glasses and with your device hovering 2-3 cm away from your face. Move your device in a circular motions over your skin.This device is pretty powerful so you will definitely need your protective glasses. It seems just as strong as my FDA approved LED face mask that works really well(I’ll post a pic to compare). It’s too soon to say I’ve had any anti-aging effects (red light) but with more time I think should. I also should add that the glasses are actually quite comfortable. So there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from enjoying using this device. Haha I am liking mine so far!