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Faisca Neon (Orange) | High Frequency Wand

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Breathe Life Back into Your Skin with High Frequency

The Faisca Neon (Orange) High-Frequency Wand is a multi-purpose skin and hair care device that works by oxygenating cells to increase circulation, eliminate inflammation and stimulate collagen synthesis

High frequency uses inert (neon) gas to smooth the skin for a more youthful and glowing appearance 



Faisca Neon (Orange) | High Frequency Wand - Project E Beauty
Faisca Neon (Orange) | High Frequency Wand Sale price$59.99

Press Testimonials

If I see a little bump or pimple coming in, I’ll just zap it and it’s gone by the morning

Perfect for zapping little bumps or pimples to keep skin bright and clear

The Benefits of High Frequency (NEON)

Anti aging

Oxygenation of skin cells smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Improve redness

Blood vessels contract to minimize facial redness and inflammation

Cellular rejuvenation

Boost the production of collagen and elastin for a more supple skin texture

Anti acne

Removes bacteria from the skin's surface to prevent breakouts

Lymphatic drainage

Removes excess fluid and toxins from the face to reduce puffiness

Skin texture

Promotes a more even skin tone and texture

Promotes hair growth and scalp health

Boosts circulation to oxygenate and deliver nutrients to the scalp - this revitalizes hair follicles for enhanced hair growth





Discover your most radiant glow yet

High Frequency Before and After

How does High Frequency Technology Work?

A mild electrical current passes through the neon gas within the applicator - this generates oxygen on the skin to promote overall skin rejuvenation

Rod Applicator

Use to target isolated treatment areas such as pimples and blemishes

Spoon Applicator

Use to treat smaller, more delicate areas such as around the nose, eyes and mouth

Comb Applicator

Use to treat scalp and hair

Mushroom Applicator

Use to treat larger areas such as cheeks, forehead, chin and neck


Noticed an improvement in skin tone and texture


Felt skin was firmer and smoother after one use


Experienced less frequent breakouts

High Power Features

4 Glass applicator

4 unique glass rods specially designed to reach the
contours of the face and scalp

Customizable dial

Effortless operation with a rotating power button to set and adjust desired intensity

Lightweight Design

Designed with dexterity, control and comfort in mind, this device is lightweight and portable for ease of use both on the go at or at home

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Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Emilie Desjardins

Semble conforme à la description. Il ne vient toutefois pas avec la baguette pour le faire fonctionner, c’est pourquoi j’ai demandé un remboursement, d’autant plus qu’il n’offre pas la possibilité de l’acheter en individuel. Je suis déçu. Si vous avez besoin de set de remplacement, cela sera davantage utile.

Best High Frequency Device

This product is amazing and I am addicted using it! My skin is combination type, I had a pimple around my nose that keeps coming never heal. After 2 weeks using this device, the pimples healed and never come back! My face feels smoother, brighter and I never have pimples again! This device is a miracle and I highly recommend this to everyone and buying it from this Project E company because it give you 1 year guaranty!!

YC (Pittsburg, US)
Nice Gadget

Taking off one star because I have to turn the wand all the way up to get the neon gas excited every time I use it. Not too sure if it’s working on my acne but I notice a glow on my face the next morning after each use. I’ve only been using this for about a month so hopefully I’ll see more benefits in the future.

Love this Version

I bought one of these wands many years ago and loved it. The worst part was how big the wands were which made storage awkward. When I saw this, I couldn’t resist. This set is much better. More wands were included and they are much smaller. The only thing I would stress is that before you touch your skin with the wand, be sure to touch the wand with a finger otherwise you might get a little shock. This applies every time you remove it from your skin.I have used all four wands and find all of them easy to use. I only use it on my face for about 10 to 15 minutes twice a week. The hair wand is new to me and I was excited to give it a try. I find the whole process invigorating for both my hair and face. I haven’t noticed any definitive difference as yet.Using this wand makes your hair and face feel pampered. I am optimistic that I will notice a difference soon. Even if I don’t, I still love this machine. The whole unit feels like good quality and I’m sure it will last longer than my interest. For pampering alone I would recommend this unit.


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