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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is designed to remove signs of ageing and sun damage, while stimulating the development of new collagen, resulting in firmer, more youthful skin in the treatment area. It is never too late to start a skin care regimen.


What are the causes of anti-aging?

Aging is inevitable. We all wish we could look youthful and feel healthy forever, but the reality is your appearance and your body change over time. Aging is inevitable. We all wish we could look youthful and feel healthy forever, but the reality is your appearance and your body change over time. 

Sleeping and Eating Habits

Poor sleep quality increases signs of aging and a diminished skin barrier function. Same with diet, eating a large amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates can damage your skin over time.

Chronic Stress

High amounts of cortisol, also known as stress hormone, can break down the skin's collagen and elasticity which causes wrinkles to form. These leads to inflammation and impairs the body's ability to repair itself.

Environment and sun exposure

Tanning beds and exposure to the sun penetrate your skin with UV rays. These rays damage the DNA in your skin cells, causing wrinkles. Your skin barrier is also exposed to the toxins and pollutants in your daily environment.

Smoking and Alcohol

The toxins in cigarette smoke expose your skin to oxidative stress. This causes dryness, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging. Same with drinking alcohol excessively, it dehydrates your body. Over time, this dehydration can cause your skin to sag and lose its shape.

Tips of Anti-Aging

It's more than just wrinkles

An age-defying youthful skin, isn't that on the wish list of most around us? Who wouldn't want to turn back time and shed a few years off their face? Using the right skincare products can make a big difference in your complexion and help avoid signs of aging, like wrinkles, age spots, freckles and deep lines around all major folds on your face.

Upgrade your SPF routine

Regular sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher is a great way to keep your skin healthy and prevent age spots and discoloration. Look for sunscreens that contain antioxidants to protect the collagen in your skin.

Deep or soft cleanse?

Either works. Soft cleansing works on surface-level dirt, while almost any skin condition benefits from a deep cleansing. Having the option to switch from any cleansing facial helps rid the skin of unwanted buildup of oil, toxins, dirt, bacteria, and all skin cell debris – all of which contribute to aging.

Use a richer face cream

Moisturize properly to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The simple act of switching your average face cream for a richer Project E Beauty face cream will help trap water against the skin, pumping up those deep crevices.

Exfoliate weekly

Use a skin scrubber to help remove dead skin, and exfoliate weekly for brighter skin. Once dead skins are removed, your moisturizer will penetrate the skin, providing improved hydration.

High-Tech Anti-Aging Devices

Feather away fine lines and wrinkles. Discover the power of LED light therapy and at-home anti-aging devices. 

Learn which one works for you

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