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GavaWand | Galvanic Wonder Roller

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Re-energize with the Power of Galvanic 

The GavaWand is unique beauty tech device that uses galvanic current to extract deep seated impurities and rejuvenate the skin. Galvanic current technology has two two functionalities, depending on whether the ions are positive or negatively charged. 

- Galvanic current for desincrustation - negatively charged ions effectively decongest the pores to extract oil, dirt, bacteria and other impurities

+ Galvanic current for iontophoresis - positively charged ions delivered in low level electric currents enhance the absorption of serums while lifting and hydrating the skin 

GavaWand | Galvanic Wonder Roller - Project E Beauty
GavaWand | Galvanic Wonder Roller Precio de oferta$69.99






Benefits of Galvanic Technology

Deeply clarifying

Penetrates beyond the skin's surface to remove deep rooted dirt, oil, and bacteria, which can clog pores and lead to breakouts

Improves cell function

Electric currents delivered to the skin boost energy production and promote collagen synthesis

Enhanced nutrient absorption

Desincrustation cleanses the pores to enable deeper product absorption - this is especially useful for dry skin as it promotes moisture retention

Anti Aging

Iontophoresis triggers cell renewal and to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles

Skin Tightening Technology

Get the most from your skincare with Galvanic technology

Dual Function Technology

Desincrustation and iontophoresis work by emitting low voltage electric currents to extract, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin

Dual Probe

Ergonomically designed with two interchangable probes - the roller is designed to treat the larger surface of the face such as the cheeks, jaw and forehead whereas the ball probe works to treat the eye and nose area

11 Intensity Settings

Customize the intensity to suit your preference and comfort level

Easy To Use

The advanced, lightweight design ensures effortless use at home or on the go


Noiticed less sagging skin


Saw an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles


Agree pores appear smaller

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Customer Reviews

Based on 293 reviews
Project E Customer
Very impressed!

As a qualified beauty therapist I wanted a unit for at home for my own personal use, this unit ticks that box. It may not be huge ( like a few things in life) but size isn’t everything!! It has a switch to change polarity and you can turn the unit up or down. I read some reviews saying it gave people a rash or redness, if you don’t use enough gel it will do! You also don’t need to do it in your face for ages, just a few minutes should be adequate in my opinion. If you skin is sensitive don’t over do it to start off with, twice a week is plenty. Don’t turn the setting up too high to start with! Really happy with this product, it arrived quickly too!

Kathleen Goodwin
You can feel it working, and it is not complicated.

I purchased this after loving a galvanic facial—which cost twice as much as this btw! I use this 3x per week for 10 minutes and I love it.

Esther Son
I guess it wasn't BS after all!

I bought this months ago and never used it because I thought it was another one of my impulsive buys that wouldn't work. Well, today I had some free time and I found this burried under a pile of my beauty supplies. I decided to use it for once and I must say I'm in shock that it worked after one try. I've tried EVERYTHING and was considering plastic surgery even though I'm only in my 30's. I partied like a rockstar in my younger years and I'm suffering the consequences now. Now I have bags under my eyes and it's depressing looking at myself in the mirror. Anyways, I'm adding a photo and you be the judge. The photo shows my right eye after a session. The left eye had been untouched. Remember, these photos are after only ONE session!! I thought I'd share this because I'm sure there are many others out there that feel my pain. I hope it works for you like it worked for me!I'll update later and let you guys know how long this lasts.Note: Don't put the gel on the device and then put the device on your face, you will get a nice shock. I learned the hard way! Ha!

Galvanic device

Omg!!! Best thing I've ever purchased! The pic is after only one week on one side. I wanted to see if it really works. Proof is in the pic! Amazing!!!