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Body Shaping

Body Shaping

Discover our Body Shaping Collection, featuring innovative ultrasound cavitation technology for non-invasive, painless fat reduction. Say goodbye to anesthesia and downtime, and hello to a more confident you.

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BEST SELLERSOLD OUTPRE-ORDERBodySculpt | LED RF Beauty System - Project E Beauty
BodySculpt | LED RF Beauty System Precio de oferta$249.90
Project E Beauty Body Firming Treatment Slimming Essence - Project E Beauty
Ahorra 20%Duo Body Slimming Essence Set - Project E Beauty
Duo Body Slimming Essence Set Precio de oferta$55.98 Precio normal$69.98
SOLD OUTPRE-ORDERAhorra 11%Body Slimming Set - Project E Beauty
Body Slimming Set Precio de oferta$284.89 Precio normal$319.88