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Article: Adult Acne is not that uncommon– Here are a few smart solutions to treat it.

Solutions of Adult Acne
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Adult Acne is not that uncommon– Here are a few smart solutions to treat it.


If you’re experiencing acne flareups as an adult, it is not something to feel insecure about. In fact, studies showed that nearly 40% to 55% of adults between the ages of 20 and 40 experience low grade persistent acne and oily skin. But what are the exact causes of adult acne; could it be your lifestyle, stress, weather? Let’s find out.

Acne causes and common mistakes to avoid getting spots

Just like teenagers, adult acne stems from excess sebum production and bacteria on the skin. The sebum, when there is a lot of it, can cause the pore to fill up and harden, leading to different forms of acne. This could mean zits, spots, pimples, etc. In addition, hormonal changes can also cause acne. For example, during pregnancy there are many hormonal changes that a person goes through that can give acne to those who have had clear skin their whole lives! Women going through menopause and menstruation also can witness an uprise in pimples during different stages of the cycle.

But apart from what’s happening inside you, what about what’s happening outside of you. For instance, living in a city where there are many cars, buildings, and pollution, it is much easier for dirt to settle on your skin, and the bacteria to feed off it. This can lead to an increase in acne. Another external factor could be work. A heavy workload can lead to stress, which then can cause acne. Stress causes the body chemistry to change, and this means your skin conditions also change. One example of a change would be that your skin could become drier, leading to excess sebum production and hence increase in acne.

So, what exactly can you do to help fix it?

Anti-acne essences and Facial Cleansing are the most important part of the routine for acne removal. As you can imagine, our skin accumulates dust, dirt, pollution, and dead skin cells that sit on the surface of our skin blocking our pores. All these external factors, combined with the makeup we wear and the natural oils we produce, are a recipe for disaster for our skin.

You could go the traditional route and choose a product like Anti-Acne Essences to cleanse the skin for acne removal, or you can use various devices for cleansing, such as blue LED light therapy devices, vibration devices, etc. LED lights can really help address hormonal acne because it helps heal acne while also maintaining and improving your skin’s strength. LED treatment is generally non-invasive and gives little to no pain for users. Most devices come with various settings, so getting a tailored at-home treatment is a very viable option! Another method of cleansing is using sonic vibrations. It is beneficial because the use of heating and cooling paired with sonic vibration can push acne-fighting product into the skin and gain many skin calming benefits. 

And even if you’re not one for using devices, choosing the right anti-acne essences goes a long way for acne removal. For example, a good hyaluronic acid can help both moisturize the skin properly and help in the acne-fighting process. But the main takeaway is that your skin needs consistency.

Blue LED light therapy Devices to use that can help fight adult acne

Cleansing of the skin is so important as it gets rid of all these damaging and acne-causing concerns. It helps keep our skin clear, healthy, and glowing. Without cleansing, we would be causing our skin so much harm– from acne to even premature ageing!


Solutions of Adult Acne


The Luma Blue Acne Light Therapy Pimple Cleansing Brush is a wonderful cleanser that uses blue LED light therapy to clean pores and fight acne. It is FDA cleared and suitable for all skin types, and it works by penetrating the pores on the skin surface to remove any dirt that has built up. When the blue LED light therapy is used consistently, it can even reduce the number of acne-causing bacteria significantly to help with acne removal even for the future.


Solutions of Adult Acne


Another device to try out is the Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy device. It can adjust skin sebum secretion, effectively get rid of acne and try to reach the aim of beautification. Besides this, the blue light can also tighten loosened skin. The device is equipped with 40 blue LED light therapy bulbs for a most effective photon rejuvenation of the skin. It stimulates skin cleaning, cell activation, acne skin sterilization, inhibition of sebaceous gland, and prevention of wound infection. With the 2 modes of the device, you can either choose a constant light energy that lasts for 10 minutes or the pulse mode which provides short specific pulse of light energy. The light will be automatically activated when the device touches the skin.

Treatments for Adult Acne, what do we think?

Having read through these many causes and treatments, you can be empowered to coming up with a skincare routine that includes these treatments. Whether it be an LED device or an anti-acne essence, follow the consistently to see results! Since summer is nearly here and we’ll all be going out more, this is the perfect time to get on it.



 written by Olivia Khader




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