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Article: Do Under Eye Patches Work?

Aqua collagen eye patches
For_Skin care

Do Under Eye Patches Work?



The skin surrounding your eye area is 10 times thinner than the rest of the skin on your body. It gets a lot thinner as you get older. The eye area also lacks oil glands, it’s not capable of moisturizing itself naturally. Dry skin is more prone to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, and with the skin being thin, these signs are even more prominent.

It’s because of these reasons (and more) that you need to give a special kind of attention and care to your under eyes.


Aqua collagen under eye patches

Most skincare products may be too strong or harsh on the fragile skin around the eye area. Good thing there are under-eye masks which is skincare dedicated to this often-neglected area. Similar to beauty masks for the face, uniquely shaped under eye patches promise instant results in just minutes.

Instant hydration boost - The under-eye skin is inherently dry and needs moisture to stay healthy. Eye masks with nourishing formulations help hydrate the skin and lock in moisture for fresh and young-looking skin.  

Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles - Thin skin means more visible signs of aging. Under eye patches enriched with collagen help support delicate skin by boosting its structure and in the process, smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging.

Reduces puffiness and swelling - The eye area is surrounded by capillaries that retain fluid which causes puffy eyes and swelling. Stimulating Ingredients in eye patches (like caffeine) help improve circulation to de-puff eye bags and reduce swelling. 

Helps relax tired eyes - Under eye masks don’t just improve the skin. Soothing ingredients in these patches also help you relax after a long day. Eye masks are great for spa time at home and can even be worn while doing chores or working from home.

Discover the benefits of eye masks with the Project E Beauty Aqua Collagen Under Eye Patches. These collagen-enriched patches help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, wrinkles, and other fine lines in and around the eye area. Infused with powerful botanical ingredients, these eye masks also help relieve swelling and puffiness for a refreshed, youthful look achievable in just minutes.


Most eye patches have go-to formulations composed of active ingredients proven to be beneficial for the under eye skin. Botanical-based ingredients are best as these are nature-derived, with little to no side effects.


Target Skin Concerns

Benefits on Skin

Project E Beauty Aqua Collagen Under Eye Patches


Crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles

Smoothens out wrinkles by supporting skin structure

Centella Asiatica

Puffiness, swelling, inflammation

Promotes collagen production which helps inhibit inflammation


Signs of aging

An antioxidant that fights the signs of aging

Green Tea

Swelling, dark circles

Keeps skin firm and helps constrict blood flow to reduce swelling



The best thing about these compact eye treatment patches is that you can use them anytime you like and just about anywhere you are. Use them before makeup application or before bedtime. It’s always a good idea to wear a pair if you haven’t slept a wink and you need to look awake. Under eye treatment is also a welcome addition to your skincare routine whether morning or night.

For your morning routine, stick on a pair of eye patches after skin cleansing for that extra hydration boost in preparation for other products. Same with your night routine, eye patches will work great on clean skin that’s been rid of makeup, oil, and other impurities. It prepares the eye area to effectively absorb more of the ingredients in your routine. 


Aqua collagen under eye patches

Eye treatment patches like the Project E Beauty  Aqua Collagen Under Eye Patches are very easy to use. After cleansing with your preferred facial wash, dry your skin thoroughly. Simply apply the patches under the eyes. Don’t worry about falling off as these patches have a unique shape that should fit perfectly under the eye area. Most eye patches can be worn for 20 minutes while others have formulations that are safe for overnight use. Simply follow the instructions stated on the packaging for safer use and better results. Get the most out of these eye patches by massaging or tapping the leftover serum into the skin using your fingers or a rollerball. 

Get ready for your under-eye patches before and after photos

Say goodbye to concealers. Under-eye patches will work wonders on your under-eye skin with consistent and proper use. Make your skincare routine more fun and caring with the addition of this simple yet effective under-eye skin treatment which can also be beneficial when used on its own.



 written by Olivia Khader



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