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Sensa | Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

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Professional Purification with Sensa

Introducing Sensa, a facial steamer and spa facial treatment combined to offer a deep and refreshing skin cleanse

Ionic steam therapy is up to x10 times more efficient at penetrating the skin compared to traditional steaming methods

Sensa effectively emits ionic steam particles to permeate pores and extract dirt for a purifying skin experience

This multipurpose treatment leaves skin feeling moisturized, elastic and radiant. Opened, freshly cleansed pores are ready to drink up the benefits of your skincare favorites for your smoothest, most hydrated finish yet

Sensa | Nano Ionic Facial Steamer - Project E Beauty
Sensa | Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Sale price$79.99






The Benefits of Ionic Steaming

Deeply purifies

Steaming cleans deep into the skin to remove oil, bacteria and other impurities form the pores

Injects moisture into the skin

Ionic steaming prevents moisture loss to promote hydrated and soft skin

Prevents acne

Ionic steaming aids in acne management by clearing skin particles of built up dirt and oil that is not visible

Boosts circulation

Promotes blood flow resulting in a more energized and fresher appearance

Enhanced product absorption

Most effectively, steaming allows skincare products to penetrate deeply into freshly opened and cleansed pores for optimal results

The Results Are In

Sensa Before and After

'It improved my skin’s appearance & concerns.'


"My skin before was very dull and dry but after a month of using this product I noticed a difference in hydration and brightness brought back to my skin. After every use my skin felt super soft as well."

- Garylisse
(results after 3 weeks


Experienced enhanced product absorption


Said skin felt more hydrated


Noticed less oil production

Ionic Steam Therapy

Sensa uses a powerful ion technology boosting water molecules to better penetrate the skin. Ionic steam therapy is up to x10 times more efficient at penetrating the skin compared to traditional steaming methods

Aromatherapy Functionality

Sensa comes equipped with 3 essential oil baskets to create the ultimate spa-like experience from home. Simply soak the foam end in your favorite essential oil and place over the adjustable nozzle before starting the treatment

Adjustable nozzle

Adjust the nozzle up or down for a targeted and effective treatment angle

Auto shut off

Sensa automatically powers down after each 15 minute treatment session for maximum safety

Incorporate Sensa Into Your Routine

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NEW INBEST SELLERSensa | Nano Ionic Facial Steamer - Project E Beauty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 223 reviews
Okay facial steamer

This facial steamer works well enough. I'm not overly excited about it but it does what it's supposed to do. First of all, it's much smaller than I expected, but I suppose that is a good thing if you are keeping it on a vanity. I put it next to a Kleenex box for context on the size. I think it has a cheap feel about it. Really lightweight and what feels like cheap plastic. It easy to use (although the min/max fill marks on the tiny plastic tank are not that easy to see), and the instructions are clear. The rubbery feet on the bottom do keep it from slipping around, and the adjustable nozzle works well. While the releasing steam does make a sputtering sound from time to time, it comes out in a sufficiently steady amount. I haven't used the baskets for the scented oils, but they are easy enough to use (with the baskets fitting easily over the nozzle). I actually ordered this to use in the winter when my sinuses get too stuffy, and I think this steamer will work well for that. I might even try some eucalyptus oil then. I think this unit is a bit pricey for what it does, but it beats putting your head over a steaming pot of water on the stove, so I'm sure I will use it a sufficient amount of time.

C Kay
Treat yourself

 Ideal for an self care day at home, no appointment needed! East to use & perfectly portable.Note, uses only distilled water, so have some on hand. Suction cups on the bottom provide stability on a flat surface. Takes about 1-2 minutes to really start generating some nice steam! Output is good. Optional diffuser tips for use with essential oils if you prefer.15 min auto shut off, which is a great safety feature.I like how my skin felt after use, I also let it steam my neck and decolletage as well. The skin just drinks in your skincare after a steam treatment like this! Perfect for upcoming winter weather.The skincare junkie on your holiday gift list would love this.Could also be used deskside to add some moisture into the air.Watch for a coupon, this is a quality product at a decent value for sure & trending in the skincare industry!

Softer skin, relaxing experience 🌅

 Reviewing: Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with 3 Essential Oil BasketsCons:There isn't really much to dislike about it. Maybe a small inconvenience, but not necessarily anything negative towards the product since this is essential to its functionality - but you can't use your normal tap water from the sink, distilled water is needed. Reason being is, minerals from tap water can calcify components in the device and will also void your warranty if damage is from tap water.Pros:The water tank is labeled so you know how much water to add per session, once turned on it takes less than a minute for the device to start producing steam. During and after use the product externally doesn't get hot, so it's safe to touch and no worrying about melting plastic or toxic fumes. The steam is comfortable, relaxing, opens your pores, and is really helpful to prepare your skin before washing your face. Unless the water tank empties before, the device will auto shut off after 15 minutes. The bottom has small suction cups to keep it in place, which I find really helpful for how I use it since I sit at my desk with it. To use, I place it at my desk and start steaming while I go through my emails, the bottom also has suction cups to keep it in place which is useful since there can be a lot of movement while I'm at my desk. When it's done, I pour out any remaining water that didn't turn to steam into the sink, leave it to air dry, and start my skincare routine. During and after use the steamer leaves no water mess, leaks, and is generally hassle free. My skin always feels much more refreshed, and cleansing feels more effective and thorough after using this steamer.Using this almost feels like my own at home spa with how steamy and soft my skin feels once I'm done. The simplicity of its use and the effectiveness on my skin has made this a really important part in my skincare routine as well as something relaxing I now look forward to.EDIT: Be careful handling. I use mine daily - one morning while I was plugging it in, it fell on the floor and hit something on the way down. Now it doesn't hold water properly or produce steam correctly 😥

Rag Doll
The ultimate at home facial steamer!

I have never used a facial steamer before but have heard several good things about them from friends and how they help improve skin clarity and promote facial relaxation. After only five days, I went from skeptic to total believer! My skin feel so much better and so smooth! There's noticeable improvement in how my face care products absorb better as well! :)Please make sure to only use distilled water as using regular tap water can absolutely ruin the device with mineral buildup. Included were also three essential oil baskets and an instruction manual on usage and cleaning with a QR code instructing how to access the manual in more languages. I would also like to note NOT to touch the device for ten minutes after it shuts off from the 15 minute timer because it is extremely hot and can/will burn you if you touch it before it cools off.If you have been looking for an at home steamer, I'd definitely recommend this one as the steam produced was very strong and the device itself was easy to clean!


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