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Faisca Argon (Purple) | High Frequency Wand

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Oust Acne with High Frequency

Our versatile high frequency facial wand is designed to smooth the skin, eliminate acne and other stubborn blemishes. High frequency effectively uses thermal energy to oxygenate the skin for a deep energetic skin renewal

The best high frequency wand for acne harnesses the power of argon (purple-hued) gas to target acne at the source

Additionally, oxygenation destroys bacteria, promotes lymphatic drainage and even energizes hair follicles to promote hair growth

Faisca Argon (Purple) | High Frequency Wand - Project E Beauty
Faisca Argon (Purple) | High Frequency Wand Sale price$59.99





High Frequency Wand Unique Benefits

Acne hero

Oxygen zaps acne flare-up and eliminates acne causing bacteria from the surface of the skin

Boosts blood flow

Improves cellular function of skin and scalp to improve circulation and reduce inflammation

Collagen synthesis

Boosts the production of collagen and elastin for firmer skin

Enhanced skincare absorption

The treatment promotes more effective absorption of your skincare actives and hydrating serums

Stop acne in it tracks

High Frequency Before and After


Agreed pores appeared smaller


Experienced fewer breakouts


Reported an improvement in inflammation indicators

How does High Frequency Technology Work?

A mild electrical current passes through the (argon) gas inside the applicator. Oxygen molecules prevent bacteria from surviving in this oxygen rich environment to combat acne and excess oil production

Mushroom Applicator

Use to treat larger areas such as cheeks, forehead, chin and neck

Rod Applicator

Use to target isolated treatment areas such as pimples and blemishes

Spoon Applicator

Use to treat smaller, more delicate areas such as around the nose, eyes and mouth and to treat under eye puffiness

Comb Applicator

Use to treat scalp to energize hair follicles and promote hair growth

High Power Features

4 Glass applicators

4 unique glass rods specially designed to reach the
contours of the face and scalp

Customizable dial

Effortless operation with a rotating power button to set and adjust desired intensity

Innovative design

Designed with dexterity, control and comfort in mind, this device is lightweight and portable for ease of use on the go or at home

Treat face, scalp and body

Cross functional device ideal for treating face, body, scalp and hair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Works perfect good results

 I never used a high frequency wand before, and so I was very surprised by how it works!This tool is using argon gas to create oxygenation of the skin, and to kill harmful bacteria and stimulate blood flow and collagen production. There is a lot of science behind this technology, a technology that is actually about 80 years old. There are numerous studies that deem it safe, and not so many that have proven its efficacy. This shouldn’t really be a deterrent as there are tons of anecdotal stories about how well high frequency wands works, and this has been my experience as well.The device appears very high end and it comes with four electrodes, a mushroom shape for large areas, a spoon shape for smaller, a comb like electrode for scalp and a pointed one for pimples. I have tried them all and they all work.The device is very easy to use, and it has a knob to adjust the intensity.I made a short video to show how it works, for those who never tried one. If you allow for sound when playing, you can hear the electricity zaps as well.You know that the wand works because it glows purple, and once it works you can also smell the strong ozone smell, because it produces ozone. If you never smelled ozone before, it smells just like the air after a rainstorm. It is actually a pleasant smell, at least I like it.There is a booklet with instructions and contraindications, which is actually quite informative. Do read it carefully as there are many contradictions to using of this device. I will mention here just a couple, such as no use in pregnancy, no use in cancer and no use for persons with metal implants in the body (such as metal plates or so) or heavy bridge work in the mouth, no use with peacemakers and several others.This particular device uses argon gas which is is best for acne prone skin. There are neon gas wands which are better suited for wrinkles and aging skin. I was under the wrong impression that the same wands can glow purple (acne)mor orange (wrinkles) all different frequencies but that’s not the case, argon electrodes are better for acne (this!) neon electrodes glow orange are are best for wrinkles.This device is excellent and I do hope it lasts, it is very beneficial so far. The glass electrodes are placed in pockets of the sponge foam in the box, so you MUST save the box, because the glass electrodes are fragile.The device also offers a code to activate a one year warranty.I found this extremely useful and easy to use, I really want to get the neon orange wands too now, as I do have aging skin.Definitely recommended, provided that you do your own research and you don’t find any contradictions to your particular situation.Thank you!

R. (Central, HK)
Not sure about efficacy but it is definitely fragile

One of the electrodes came broken and the others are super hard to be inserted into the probe. Although the instruction wrote explicitly that we should not "push or squeeze the electrode very hard" because it would just "snap into place", this was never the case. I had to apply A LOT of force for the electrodes to fit into the probe and then a whole other lot of force to get them out from the probe. No wonder why people were saying the electrodes are fragile.

Amazon Customer
Life saver !!

I’ve battled cystic acne for about 15 years. I use this once a day for 2-3 min. My acne is completely gone. If i have one that is about to come up, i hold the light on it a little longer. It’s gone the folllowing day! Now i just have some scars to get rid of.Product is fragile. I’ve heard of the glass breaking. To avoid this, i leave one tool on at all times. I have less risk breaking it if I’m not changing out the tools regularly.

Rosalyn Corriere
Quality product

It’s exactly what was advertised.


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