The Benefits of Using Green and Yellow LED Therapy for Treating Sensitive Skin


Healthy skin does not just look good, it should feel good too. For sensitive skin types, it’s hard to achieve your skin goals when every little thing seems to trigger an unpleasant response. The use of an LED light mask is a great way to treat sensitive skin without feeling any discomfort.  

It takes a special kind of routine to manage sensitive skin and it can be quite difficult. Having a basic understanding of what causes sensitive skin can help you create a better, skin-friendly routine to achieve better skin. 

How To Know If You Have Sensitive Skin?  

How To Know If You Have Sensitive Skin?

Skin that is easily irritated is often branded as sensitive. To help you understand the type of sensitivity, you’ll need to know how your skin reacts to certain triggers. Below are some common reactions:

      • Redness and swelling, welts
      • Rashes, unusual color and texture
      • Rough and wrinkled complexion
      • Sores and breakouts
      • Dry and flaky patches  
      • Itchy, burning, and stinging sensations

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Symptoms of sensitivity may appear due to external and internal factors. But what exactly makes your skin react in an unpleasant way? Here are the most possible reasons:

Allergies - An allergic response from a drug or even external allergens may manifest in skin as rashes, redness, and itching. 

Acne - Inflamed skin due to blemishes makes skin sensitive and easily irritated. Irritation further damages acne-prone skin. 

Weather - Soaring or dropping temperatures naturally cause skin discomfort. Pollen allergies are common during summer days, while cold weather leaves skin dry and itchy.   

Skin conditions - For example, having rosacea causes most types of sensitive skin reactions. These include redness, swelling, the appearance of patches, and a burning, stinging sensation on skin. 

The Best Way To Treat Sensitive Skin

The Best Way To Treat Sensitive Skin

Living with sensitive skin may be hard. But it’s actually easy to manage if you can identify which triggers should be avoided on a daily basis.      

      • Don’t overdo the steps - Gentle is the key. Use a gentle facial cleanser and don’t scrub your skin so hard that the natural protective layer is stripped off. Same with exfoliating, do this only at least once a week.  
      • Simplify your routine - Avoid putting on too many layers of products if you can help it. It will be easier to figure out which product makes your skin react. Too many layers can also clog pores. 
      • Check the ingredients list - Sensitivity can be triggered by harsh ingredients in skincare products. Read the labels of your favorite products and scents for any irritating components. Opt for reformulated or sensitive skin versions of products, if there are any.
      • Don’t skip the patch test - When trying new products, apply a small amount on your inner arm daily before moving to your neck or face. Let the skin calm down if you experience any reaction. 
      • Consult a dermatologist - Don’t be like everyone else trying to self-diagnose everything with the help of the internet. Do your homework- list down what triggers flare-ups and discuss this with a healthcare provider.       

LED Light Therapy For Sensitive Skin

LED Light Therapy For Sensitive Skin


What is LED light therapy?


LED light therapy is the use of UV-free, non-heating LED bulbs to treat a variety of skin conditions. The light energy that penetrates the skin activates photoreceptors which then triggers natural cellular processes such as collagen production, healing, and regeneration.

The LED light therapy mask is the most convenient form of LED light therapy as it allows you to experience professional quality skin treatment in the comfort of your home. Depending on the type of device and the color/colors it emits, LED light therapy provides a wide variety of skin benefits.

While red and blue are two of the most popular therapy colors, most LED masks these days offer more light colors with more specific effects on the skin. Those with sensitive skin can also benefit from using LED light masks. 

Check out these best selling LED light therapy masks from Project E Beauty. 

Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck Mask

Sensitive skin benefit: This game-changing LED light therapy device features seven LED light colors. Yellow and blue light colors have a calming effect on skin, helping to reduce skin redness and soothe irritation.

Why choose this: painless, non-invasive, no downtime, fully wireless, portable, comes with a dedicated neck panel, 99 (face) + 40 (neck) LED bulbs

Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask

Sensitive skin benefit: This LED light therapy mask also features seven LED light colors. Yellow and blue light colors calm and soothe inflamed and irritated skin and help reduce redness.

Why choose this: painless, non-invasive, no downtime, portable, 5 energy levels, with 150 LED bulbs

LED Light Therapy Mask - Silicone

Sensitive skin benefit: This Silicone LED light therapy mask is equipped with 2 visible light colors: blue and red. Red light helps speed up healing and enhance collagen production. Blue light has a calming and soothing effect on irritated skin.

Why choose this: painless, non-invasive, no downtime, fully wireless control box, portable, flexible LED face panel that bends and hugs the face, adjustable strap

Lumamask LED Light Therapy

Sensitive skin benefit: This ultralight mask features 7 LED light colors. Also has calming and soothing blue and yellow light suitable for easily irritated and reactive skin types. 

Why choose this: painless, non-invasive, no downtime, fully wireless, portable, one-button operation, 140g ultralight design, with built-in safety goggles

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 written by Charlotte Rycroft



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