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Vana | Blackhead Removal Pore Vacuum

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Revive Skin With Pore Extraction Therapy

Cleansing alone just doesn't cut it, our skin is increasingly sensitive to environmental stressors such as pollution, excess sebum production and inadequate cleansing products

Pore extraction therapy is an essential step in any skincare routine, even if you don't suffer from frequent breakouts, debris is accumulating regardless

Discover the (satisfying) power of impurity extraction therapy with Vana, cleanse pores, decongest skin, remove blackheads, white heads, oil and dead skin with a single beauty device

A deeply cleansed complexion offers a blank canvas for skincare products to penetrate deeper and fully absorb into the skin

Reset your skincare routine with Vana

Vana | Blackhead Removal Pore Vacuum - Project E Beauty
Vana | Blackhead Removal Pore Vacuum Sale price$34.99






Benefits of Impurity Extraction Technology

Decongest Pores

Suction therapy uproots impurities deep within the pores. Extraction therapy effectively treats areas that cannot be targeted by cleansing alone

Gentle exfoliation

Supports a gentle but effective exfoliation to remove dead skin and other blockages contributing to dull and uneven skin texture

Boosts blood flow

Suction device effectively encourages increased blood flow in the face to brighten and revitalize the complexion

Lymphatic drainage

Removes excess fluid and build up contributing to an inflamed and puffy appearance

Oxygenation therapy

Increased oxygenation helps the skin fight against free radical stress for a brighter and plumper complexion

Rid impurities with Vana

Blackhead vacuum remover before and after


Agreed pores appeared smaller


Experienced fewer breakouts


Said skin tone and texture had improved

Small Round Probe

Use to treat delicate and sensitive skin such as around the eye area

Medium Round Probe

Use to treat larger blackheads and to remove excess sebum

Large Round Probe

Boost blood circulation and tighten muscles

Oval Probe

Use all over the face and neck to increase elasticity and firmness

Peeling probe

Use to exfoliate dead skin and other surface level impurities

What makes Vana different from other blackhead removal devices

3 Adjustable Suction Levels

Not all skin areas are made equal, adjust the suction intensity depending on the treatment area, for example use level 1 for delicate eye areas and level 3 for thicker areas such as cheek and jaw

Ultra Strong Suction

Experience powerful extraction technology that effectively reaches even the most stubborn impurities, don't believe us? Change the filter after use and see

Customizable Treatment

Tailor your treatment with our selection of 5 vacuum probes designed to address your specific skin concerns, whether on your face or body

Wireless Treatment

Vana is wireless and rechargeable making it a fuss free and convenient extraction device that is gentle on the skin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 318 reviews

Great value !!

Jenna Bowles
Works great

Love everything about product great price super fast delivery

Molnar Arpad Iuliana (Bucharest, RO)
Very good products

Really good! I recommend!

PLEASE READ this before using it

In the instructions it says to not leave the vacuum for more than 3 to 5 seconds on the same spot. Well I didn't, but I came back to the same spot and did it for another 3 seconds, and then for another 3 seconds ... I know... Well it left me with a bruise. So I will suggest you avoid going back to the same spot to avoid this happening to you.The vacuum works great, left my skin smoother. Practice first how to use it on your leg or your arm and use the right attachments for the desire results.


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