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Red LED+ | Anti-Aging Therapy

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1 Device, 40 High-powered light bulbs

Red LED Light Therapy is one of the most potent technologies for achieving comprehensive skin rejuvenation. Our RED LED+ device is designed to deliver natural light waves on the face and body for smoother, brighter skin

RED LED+ | Anti-Aging Therapy - Project E Beauty
Red LED+ | Anti-Aging Therapy Sale price$129.99

Press Testimonials

When it comes to intense, powerful LED light therapy - the Project E Beauty handheld device is one of the top choices out there

Helps in beautifying your complexion as the red light increases blood circulation and enhances production of collagen

The LED light used here provides a powerful output, so you're likely to see results in a few treatments


Skin firming

Increases collagen production for a supple, more elastic complexion

Fine lines and wrinkles

Significantly reduces signs of aging

Targets Inflammation

Supports the skin's energy producing function for enhanced blood flow


Calms inflamed skin and reduces redness and irritation






Real Skin, Real Results

LED light therapy before and after

How does Red Light Therapy work

Our advanced technology works by emitting light wavelengths 8-10mm into the skin to stimulate fiber cells and promote collagen production

How does LED light therapy improve skin texture?

A smoother, more radiant complexion is achieved when light activating photoreceptors absorb more energy deep into the skin

How do I know the device is working?

Automatic activation: once it has been switched on, LED light is automatically activated upon contact with the skin


Experienced less inflammation


Noticed softer skin


Reported reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Non-heating bulbs

Safe, non-invasive, painless

Hand held

You’re in control

Safety timer

Auto shut down after 10 minutes


Get the benefits of LED on the go

Potent technology

Experience intense rejuvenation with 40 non-heating light bulbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews
Huge improvement. I can’t believe what happened after one week of use.

I love this machine! It works!

Amazing !!!

This is the best THE BEST face product that actually works ! I wish I had taken a picture before I started using it , but honestly I didn't know the magic this device had , so I used it for a bit over a month every other day with the Project E Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum and I can visibly see and feel my skin is better, Crow's feet MY annoying little lines spreading out from the corners of my eyes ARE GONE , they are GONE . I will continue use this device just not as often, the spent money was so oh so worth it.

Adam Williams
1 WEEK! Incredible!

I researched Red LED light therapy, and liked this unit the best because of the surface area it covered, knowing I would want to use it on my chest and neck area as well as my face. The unit itself is good quality, and seems to hold a charge for a good amount of time ( 45m+ At least) Doing research, I knew I had to have a good serum like product to use with this and after I used it. I use a Prickly pear oil and then a RF serum- like cream after. I also knew that most people see results after consistent use for weeks/ a month or two. I have been using it once a day for 7 days and I literally CANNOT believe what the side by side photos looked like! I knew I felt like my skin looked brighter, but even my nasal labial lines were clearly less! LIKE What?! Anyhow, I showed my sister just 3 days after and she immediately bought the oil and this LED unit. I am SO SO happy I waited and reaserched and chose this product!! I can’t wait to see what results will come from longer use. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Very easy to use and lightweight.

Very compact and lightweight. You can choose between pulse and continuous. You can't turn it on when charging. Slight warmth. Light very bright. All bulbs work. Light comes on when touching your skin. I used my finger to show the lights when lit. Great purchase.