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Portable Pure Oxygen Jet Peeling Spray Gun Air Brush Skin Rejunvenation Lift Wrinkle Removal Device

Project E Beauty

  • $108.99 USD

Item: Portable Pure Oxygen Jet Peeling Spray Gun Air Brush Skin Rejunvenation Lift Wrinkle Removal Device   
Item ID:  PE271   
Color: White
Voltage: 110V-220V (Worldwide)
Treatment: Area: Facial, Body
Size: 21x6x8 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg

1. Main Unit X 1
2. 110v-240v Adapter X 1
3. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1

- Skin moisturzing 
- Skin oxygen injecting
- Skin smoothing
- Skin rejuvenation

- Easy to operate
- Safe
- Special design accessories help skin absorb oxygen and nutrition more easily
- Can supply high pressure pure oxygen continuously after connecting the electricity 
- 99% pure oxygen
- Spray oxygen, inject oxygen, and inhale oxygen
- Supported with SPA oil or essence
- Warranty

Pure oxygen skin facial injection is a new idea for skin rejuvenation. Treatments conducted by this machine are safe and the results are good. It is also effective for all skin types.
Friendly design, easy to operate.

How does it works?
98 % of our skin is made of collagen. The older we are, the less oxygen our blood carries, which will cause collagen to fail to generate. Meanwhile, skin is no longer moisture, and the epidermis metabolism cannot carry out normally.

Oxygen rejuvenates and promotes healthy, vibrant skin. It will visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and dramatically rejuvenate your skin. Oxygen Therapy is rapidly becoming the 'Ultimate Facial' in the world of celebrity skincare. In as little as five treatments, you can breathe new life into your skin, replacing tired, aged skin with a younger look. Clinically proven Oxygen Therapy is based on new technology that delivers pulsated oxygen and a specially formulated skin serum deep into the epidermis, promoting healthy skin, restructuring skin, elasticity and firmness.

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