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Portable Personal Mini 2-1 Facial + Hair Steamer with O3 Ozone Steamer Device Home or Salon Use

Project E Beauty

  • $98.00 USD

Item: Portable Personal Mini 2-1  Facial + Hair Steamer with O3 Ozone Steamer Device Home or Salon Use
Item ID: PE435
Color: White and Blue
Power: 400W
Voltage: 110V
Size: 38.1 x 38.1 X 25.4 cm
Diameter of Hair Cover: 34 cm
Length of Spray Rod: 26 cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Treatment Area: Facial, Hair

1. Main Unit X 1
2. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1

Instantly convert between tabletop Facial and Hair steamer.
Moisturize and hydrate hair prevent breakage and split
Brings glow to the skin and enhances the skin tone and complexion
Built-in UV Ozone System
The steamer can also be used as a interior humidifier and is a powerful and efficient way.
Activate the blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism of cells, improve wrinkles
North American Electrical Standards 110V Only

2 IN 1 application: Hair Steamer (treating brittle & damaged hair) and Facial Steamer (treating pores & dry skin)
Table top design for personal care at home or salon
UV ozone function to increase the vapor quantity
Clean water usage, no need to put any chemicals or additives
Auto shut-off function for safety when the water level mark is too low

Facial Steamers are used to gently unclog the pores and cleanse the skin using steam. A facial steamer is a great way to pamper yourself, as your skin feels fresh and rejuvenated, leaving you with a glowing complexion. Facial steaming has been used for many years to treat the skin. Years ago, people would simply steam their face above a bowl of hot water with a towel over the head. As more people became aware of the therapeutic benefits of facial steaming, specific devices were developed for use in Spas, and then smaller portable devices for the home followed. Today, there are many different facial steamers available with various features, but not all at an affordable price. Steaming can help keep the skin healthy by opening the pores and removing oil and blackheads to help prevent skin irritation and acne. Opening the pores also allows for deep cleansing of beauty products to remove sebum and bacteria, and the action of steaming increases blood flow and circulation, which can help tired skin look more youthful.

This portable hair steamer generates an ultra fine mist which penetrates you hair quickly. When it comes to operating the steamer itself, the unit generally takes a minute to two to get ready to use. If you fill up the entire water reservoir, then it should take about 3 minutes before the steam will begin to appear. A full tank of water will give you around 20 minutes of steaming time, which should be more than enough to sort out your hair. Once the water quantity reaches a very low level the steamer will cut off automatically. This model produces a fair amount of steam, and is sufficient to cover your entire head providing you have scrunched up your hair at the back.

What is Ozone?
Ozone is also known as activated oxygen. It is not smog. Ozone is produced by nature and acts as a strong germicide. It is made up of three oxygen atoms.  Because it cannot stay in this state, the third singlet atom will eventually break away and leave pure oxygen. The singlet must attach to something. Since healthy cells have a natural defense and are not affected, the singlet attaches to unhealthy cells like bacteria and viruses in order to neutralize them.

This natural process is used in water purification, air sterilizers, and cleaning agents because of its effectiveness.  If you’ve smelled a nice, clean smell after a thunderstorm, that’s because ozone produced during the storm helped clean the air. 

How do steam and ozone work together?
Ozone and steam therapy is a powerful combination. Steam opens the pores and sweat glands, allowing more ozone to enter the skin. As the ozone breaks down and the singlet oxygen atom attaches to and kills pollutants, it allows better elimination of toxins for the opened pores and sweat glands.

The combination of ozone and steam provides moist heat and ozone, which helps to clean the lymphatic system, the carrier of 90% of your body’s fluids. Researchers have also shown that a byproduct of the combined therapy is an increase in fixed free oxygen in the blood, which can enhance blood circulation of facial skin to achieve skin rejuvenation.


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