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Newest Multi Polar RF Radio Frequency Microcrystal Matrix Facial Beauty Skin Care Machine

Project E Beauty

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Item: Newest Multi Polar RF Radio Frequency Microcrystal Matrix Facial Beauty Skin Care Machine
Item ID: L-95E
Colour: White
Voltage: 110V/220V (Worldwide)
Treatment Area: Facial, Body

1. Microcrystalline probe X 1
2. Multi-polar head X 1
3. Freeqing Probe X 1
4. Main Machine
5. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1

Working Principle:
a. The micro nano chip, which purity reaches to 99.9999%, is made of monocrystal silicon with lead-free, non-toxic and no mercury.
The height that touching skin through the chip is accurately calculated to make sure that the effect of millions of subtle channels on the skin depth is at the right level.
The processing technology of the chip is in micro nano level, which is invisible to the eye. When using the micro nano chip, it can open millions of subtle channels which help penetrate the nutrients into the skin evenly. which can improve the ingredient good penetration, then absorbed by skin more easier.

b. equipment has high energy density and penetration energy intensity, which penetrates the RF current into the deep skin through these apertures. The probe high-frequency energy penetrate into the skin layer, causing the contraction of collagen, activation and reconstruction of new collagen effects, comprehensive improvement for different skin problems, such as solving large pores, rough dull, loose skin, fine lines and other aging problems, skin like a newborn after treatment. When Radiofrequency operate on the skin tissue, network energy can uniform heat to the fat, adipose tissue will be softened, contracted and decomposed after absorbing the energy, can reach melting fat, and body shaping effect.

c. Energy series is divided into
1 - level 20, so as to achieve the best effect. In addition, for the face, abdomen and sensitive skin of eye treatment, few probes are equiped. Probe at the time of treatment will not cause harm to the eye, also a best treatment effect more safely.

2.Equipment Function
a. infiltrate the Nutritional product to deep skin
b. anti-wrinkle firming skin, improve false wrinkles, fat melting &body shaping
c. rapidly improve of dull, dry and yellow face, whiten skin
d. potently promote the facial lymphatic circulation, solve skin edema problem
e. improve tighten the skin, effectively solve loose skin, sculpture beauty face and repair stretch marks
f. eliminate dark circles, eye bags and eye wrinkles
g. shrink pores, repair pock, calm skin

3. Equipment Advantage
a. High Efficiency. It is because the Matrix penetrate full enough energy to reach the dermal layer, and plentifully stimulate collagen restructure, firm skin, remove wrinkle, and has higher satisfaction after treatment;
b. Long-lasting. Usually there will be the newborn skin collagen in the generation after treatment, so our skin will be improved every day, and will achieve more significant, satisfactory results without
the risk of rapid rebound after 4-6 months.
c. Safety. Thermal energy of the system reaches the subcutaneous skin more adequate and tiny epidermis wound size, is more safe and effective to achieve satisfactory results than other non-invasive treatment
d. personalized operation probe. No surgery, no pain, no side effects, no complications, is able to achieve similar effect as surgery, can be applied to the face and body.
e.Simple operation. With the intelligent touch-screen interface, treatment parameters can be set based on the treatment needs.
f. Intelligent sensing resistor. A wide selection of models, precise energy output, the treatment site is more accurate, deeper, safe and can be controllable.

Microcrystalline probe:
Using the high-quality monocrystalline silicon, and through special processing to make every chip’s diameter under nano-micro that eyes can not figure out .when such invisible array touch the skin , it can open hundreds of transient access in several square millimeters immediately. So it can transport nutrients through cuticle reach into exactly location of skin, as a result the active ingredients can infiltrated into skin effectively.


(1) Apply essence, Lane Genifique or the Repair Basic Solution to the skin and keep it moisten.
(2) Before handle the instrument must choose the right probe and adjust the reasonable scale(below one graduation is suit for around the eye and the forehand, above 1.5 graduation is good for the
face).You can adjust the graduation from low to high until the customers feel comfortable.
(3) The instrument can not leave skin through the whole operating process, but can not just remain in the same skin , using the probe move as circle or texture line to lead balance. Or you can massage while leading -in nutrition.

Multi-polar RF probe:
The latest multi-polar radio frequency technology, in 1 second can change millions of times in electrode of the electric field, the natural resistance movement to promote the subcutaneous
tissue to produce heat, the heat dermis to stimulate the secretion of more new collagen, collagen to fill the vacancy, which once again hold up the skin of the stent and restore skin elasticity.

Usage :

1) Before using, disinfect probe with 75%alcohol and remove all the metal jewelry of the customers and beauticians.
2) The customer's hair root part must be used the coated gel or packed when on the facial treatment to avoid the static friction between the probe and the hair to burn the hair.
3) The Medium RF head must contact with the customer first, and then start the apparatus, adjust the energy. The Energy is required to adjust slowly from low to high until the customer feels warm. According to the texture of face, operate with circle techniques to pull the skin to lift.

Freezing probe:
The latest refrigeration technology, which can rapid cooling in dozens of seconds, direct to the subzero temperatures, quickly make skin calm, reduce skin sensitive situation ,contractive pore,
lock skin moisture and nutrients, relieve skin. Let the active ingredients of the product quickly penetrate between the base and the dermal layer of the skin, achieve a better absorption.

Usage :

1) After the treatment of eye and face, Please put the related face mask to fill water
2) After use the face mask, Please do not wipe the excess essence on the face, you can use the freezing probe direct on the skin to lock nutrition. If the skin is dry, apply toner to make it moist.

5. Professional Operating Procedures
1. Prepare to start up:
Check the accessories are connected correct, and equipment accessories for cleaning and disinfection with saline.
Contact the power, switch on the equipment, you will see the appropriate power light is blinking, the equipment is on the standby state.

2. Professional Operating Procedures
Clean: according to the case of skin

The first (promote infiltration) (10 minutes):
Please apply essence, Lane Genifique or the Repair Basic Solution to the skin and keep it moisten. Please operate with circle techniques.

The second (shape the face) (15 minutes):
Please daub the products with a higher oil to make the skin remain moist. Please operate with the multi-polar RF head, one hand for lifting, other hand to appease the skin of the face.

The third (appease the skin) (8 minutes)
After use the face mask, Please use the freezing probe for soothing skin.
The protective isolation the skin: according to the skin conditions

3. Finish operation
Please turn down the power when the operation is completed, and clean the accessories, back to the related place.

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