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Lumamask 7 | LED Light Therapy Face Mask

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Clinically proven to elevate your skin's radiance, the Lumamask 7 is equipped with 7 color modes, utilizing the power of natural light waves generated by LEDs. This stimulation generates energy, which is then absorbed by various components in your skin, resulting in a rejuvenated and beautified complexion.

Here's what the Lumamask 7 can do for your skin:

・Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
・Improve skin texture
・Tighten skin
・Reduce and prevent acne
・Fade scars, hyperpigmentation, and redness
・Minimize pores
・Enhance skin healing and blood circulation

Lumamask 7 | LED Light Therapy Face Mask
Lumamask 7 | LED Light Therapy Face Mask Sale price$139.90






Why your skin will love it

Clinically proven technology:
Our mask uses wavelengths that are proven to enhance skin by stimulating cellular activity - making it a trusted choice for an effective, non-invasive skin treatment.

Collagen Boost: Red light therapy (630nm) stimulates cellular activity through a process called photobiomodulation. This boosts collagen production, reducing wrinkles and improving firmness for youthful-looking skin.

Acne Control: Blue light (415nm) effectively targets and destroys acne bacteria, clearing existing breakouts with clinically proven technology.

Skin Tone Enhancement: Our mask employs 7 light colors to address specific skin concerns - including fading hyperpigmentation and evening skin tone.

Skin Barrier Recovery: LED therapy goes beyond beauty; it reduces irritation and promotes the skin's natural healing processes, making it perfect for aiding skin recovery and soothing sensitive skin.

Pore Refinement: LED light tightens pores by stimulating collagen, resulting in smoother skin texture and a refined appearance.

More radiant and youthful skin - no risk and no downtime


of users noticed smoother skin


of uses saw a more even skin tone


of users experienced a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles


Lumamask 7 comes with built-in goggles for extra eye protection so you can enjoy benefits worry-free.


Enjoy the freedom to use this ultralight mask wherever you please, ensuring hassle-free treatments every time.


Say goodbye to fumbling with straps. Our device is designed to be worn comfortably, just like glasses, eliminating the hassle of adjusting and readjusting.


We've already timed out the optimal treatment time for you – just 10 minutes a day will help enhance your skin's natural glow. No need to worry about overuse or guesswork.

108 UV-FREE LEDs (3 LEDs per bulb)

Uses 36 powerful, non-heating LED bulbs that are 100% skin-safe.

What makes it special

7 color modes to cater to various skin needs, offering a personalized skincare approach.

Red Light (~630nm)
Collagen Boost
Reduces wrinkles, enhances firmness, and promotes circulation for youthful skin.

Blue Light (~415nm)Acne Control
Destroys acne-causing bacteria and prevents breakouts.

Green Light (~525nm)Pigmentation Reduction
Fades dark spots and evens skin tone.

Yellow Light (~590nm)
Calms sensitive skin, reduces redness, and detoxifies.

Purple Light (~390nm)Combo Effect
Combats acne and aging concerns together.

Cyan Light (~490nm)Anti-Inflammatory
Reduces inflammation, beneficial for conditions like rosacea.

White Light (~mix)Balanced Treatment
Offers a broad spectrum of benefits for overall skin health.

Press Testimonials

As with any beauty tech device, consistency is key. It’s also important to supplement LED light therapy with a complete, regular skin care routine. I used the Project E Beauty LED Lumamask for two months and my skin conditions and my overall sense of well-being improved. My hyperpigmentation spots (which pop up randomly and unannounced like some of my relatives) have noticeably faded. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Yes yes yes get this

My skin is GLOWWWEKNG. This thing is amazing

Great product, noticeable skin improvement

I am so glad that I ordered this LED mask, and so far I’ve used 3 times already. The remote connect to the charging cord is easy to use, it has instruction inside the box in terms of what color provides the targeted benefit to our skin. I just wore it and lay on bed to take 20+ nap, relaxing yet getting my skin rejuvenated at the same time! So far I’ve noticed some healing to my acne marks, and reducing redness on my overall complexion. I used to pay $150-200 a session for a facial spa now I can totally do it at home. Great!

Read this review!

At first I found super uncomfortable with the inner rubber pads pressing hard into my forehead. I took them out and now it’s totally comfortable. I’ve only been using for a few days, and I already see results! My mask- wearing breakout is rapidly clearing up and my wrinkles even seem to be fading! (I’ve used a mix of red, blue and purple)OBSESSED

Works great if you're consistent

I have really enjoyed my mask this past month and have noticed some skin improvements since I've been on a 4-6 times per week schedule. Everything comes in a super premium box, and the setup was "plug & play". I found myself turning up the intensity and the 20-minute timer seems like the right amount. I've done two treatments in a row on different color setting and didn't notice any side effects from that.I get super relaxed when I use the max—I tend to fall asleep. I do it laying down and making sure I'm not trying to watch a show or look at my phone. Instead, I let the mask do its thing and I practice my breathing and think through my day like I used to before my phone filled in every moment.I had trouble getting the head strap to work, but I don't use it anyway.


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