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LightAura Plus | LED Face & Neck Mask

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Embrace a comprehensive skincare routine with LightAura Plus

When it comes to skincare, the neck is largely overlooked. Skin on the neck is thinner and as a result shows the first signs of aging - all the more reason to devise a dedicated skincare routine, complete with LED light therapy to protect not only the face, but the neck too

LED light therapy is clinically proven to rejuvenate skin health and slow down signs of aging. The LightAura Plus LED Face & Neck Mask features 7 color modes that cater to both face and neck. Effortlessly extend your skincare beyond the face for a comprehensive at-home treatment with LightAura Plus

LightAura Plus | LED Face & Neck Mask - Project E Beauty
LightAura Plus | LED Face & Neck Mask Sale price$199.90 Regular price$249.90

Press Testimonials

Affordable, covers face and neck, has five levels of intensity

This versatile mask can do it all

Ultimately, this mask fights signs of aging and improves complexion by elastin and collagen production

Devices enhance skincare will really make a difference

Discover the Intense Power of LED

Acne hero

Clinically proven technology manages acne prone skin to prevent breakouts

Powerful anti ager

Promotes collagen synthesis and combats signs of photoaging

Targets hyperpigmentation

Promotes a clearer complexion reduces hyperpigmentation, dark spots and other blemishes

Revitalizes the skin

Light therapy oxygenates the skin to boost cellular function and calm sensitive skin

Skin barrier repair

Effectively protects the skin barrier to support its defense mechanisms and promote the retention of moisture and other key nutrients






The Results Are In

LED Light Therapy Before and After

30 Day Proven Results


“I’m starting to get compliments about my glowing skin, from people who have no idea I’m doing red LED facials at home.”

- Meital, mid-40s

'My skin is smoother'


"I was skeptical about LED masks but this helps my acne scars and redness around the area go away so much faster than normal."

- Veronica
(results after 4 weeks)

'I could already see some improvement'


"My skin inflammation looked more soothed and the rest of the healthier skin looked so glowy."

- Hana
(results after 3 weeks)

'In week 4, my skin was perfect, in my opinion'


"My skin looked too tired before and full of pimples and redness. After using blue and red light, my skin changed for the better."

- Maria
(results after 4 weeks)


Experienced a brighter complexion


Noticed an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Reported less blemishes

417 LEDs

417 UV-free non-heating LED's designed to provide comprehensive cover to the face and neck

Auto shut off

Automatic 10 minute shut off to ensure maximum safety and comfort

Customize your LED treatment

With 7 color modes and 5 intensity levels to choose from you can tackle specific issues or a range of skin concerns at once

Face and Neck

One of the only treatment options on the market to treat both face and neck for powerful, integrated results

Complete Color Reference Guide

Personalized, targeted skincare with 7 colors to choose from

Red Light (630nm)
: The Anti Ager

Collagen synthesis reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a more elastic and youthful complexion

Blue Light (460nm): The Acne Savior

Blue light creates free radicals that destroy acne-causing bacteria. This process prevents breakouts and regulates oil production

Green Light (520nm): The Brightener

Fades dark spots, combats hyperpigmentation, and balances skin tone by significantly reducing melanin production

Yellow Light (630+520nm): The Healer

Stimulates the production of red blood cells to calm sensitive skin, reduces redness and remove toxins from the skin

Purple Light (460+630nm): The Multi-Tasker

Combines the benefits of blue and red light with the added benefit of targeting uneven skin tone and inflammation

Cyan Light (460+520nm): The Calmer (Blue and Green)

Purifies, soothes and heals the skin. Reduces appearance of capillaries. Beneficial for the treatment of rosacea and other skin conditions accompanied by redness

White Light (~mix): The Balancer

White light integrates all wavelengths on visible spectrum and therefore penetrates deepest into the skin. Powerful combination of light improves overall skin health for total rejuvenation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 579 reviews
Lorraine Cole (Smiths Falls, CA)
So far I'm liking It

Haven't used it long enough to see any significant change. I will continue to use and re evaluation in 3 months. Mask fits well, I like the sunglasses fit over the ears. It is comfortable to wear. Looking forward to changes in the skin. I'm 73 with lots of wrinkles around the mouth 👄

Lisa Gosselin
Good product

 Used daily 10-15 minutes and already skin clear, spots faded, definitely improving.

Bereits 1845 beschrieb der Heiler Alexandre Dumas die Hautpflegende Wirkung von Masken

Bereits 1845 beschrieb der Heiler Alexandre Dumas die hautpflegende Wirkung von Masken. Damals hatte der französische Konig Louis Vuitton der Erste seinen häßlichen Zwillingsbruder von Akne befreien wollen.

Très lourd et peu confortable.


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