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Gloa | Face and Body Cleansing Brush

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Feel like you're skincare products aren't really working as they should?

It's not them, it's you....(r cleansing routine)

Gloa, our innovative facial cleansing brush is crafted to effectively eliminate deep-seated impurities from the skin

Poor cleansing practices mean skincare actives are resting on the surface rather than penetrating deeply to provide nourishment and hydration.

Using a topical cleanser alone is not enough. Unclog pores, eliminate blackheads and deeply cleanse the skin with the help of our innovative face & body cleansing brush 

Gloa is expertly designed to cleanse even the hardest to reach areas of the skin. Powerful technology complete with 2 speed intensities and bidirectional rotation leaves skin primed to soak up your skincare benefits

Gloa | Face and Body Cleansing Brush - Project E Beauty
Gloa | Face and Body Cleansing Brush Sale price$49.99 Regular price$74.99






Cleansing Brush Benefits 101

A deeper more intense clean

Gloa reaches where your topical cleanser alone can't, deep into the pores to extract deeply embedded impurities blocking the skin from functioning optimally

Lymphatic drainage and massage

The bristles deliver a powerful massage to remove excess fluid build-up and reduce puffiness to reveal a more sculpted appearance

Extract blackheads and whiteheads

Pores appear smaller and clearer and overall skin texture is improved

Boost blood flow

For a healthier and more revitalized appearance

Enhanced skincare absorption

Poor cleansing practices inhibit the skin's ability to absorb skincare leaving it sitting on the surface of the skin further clogging the pores

Cleansing - the basis of all skincare routines

Cleansing Brush Before and After


Said pores were less congested


Reported zero make-up residue after cleansing


Experienced improved skin texture

Bidirectional Rotation

Experience advanced cleansing with our high tech rotation mechanism that moves the inner and outer brush heads in opposite directions


Designed for use on both face and body, Gloa is 100% waterproof. Use in the bath or the shower for an immersive self-care cleansing ritual

Anti-bacterial, interchangeable brush heads

Gloa comes equipped with 3 interchangeable brush heads made of anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic materials. Ultra-soft bristles protect the skin barrier while delivering an effective cleanse

Soft bristles: Cleansing

Silicone bristles: Gentle exfoliation

Wireless, Portable, Lightweight

Gloa is lightweight and rechargeable, making it versatile for use on the go, in the shower, or at the sink

Auto shut off

Thoughtfully designed with a 10 minute auto shut off timer, Gloa brings you the very best of facial cleansing technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews

 This is the first time I’ve seen a face & body combo exfoliator. I switch from the softer silicone & exfoliating one for my face. I use it in the shower with no problems.It has 2 speed settings & 2 spin directions.

Life Changing Exfoliation

I’ve been using this for several weeks now, and my face hasn’t ever felt cleaner or fresher. I’ve never used a cleaning brush like this before, so don’t be like me and wait till you’re in your 40s to discover this treasure. It’s soft and gentle, yet cleans deeply. Charges fast and a single charge has gotten me through a weeks worth of use, 2x a day. This set includes 3 brush heads, one silicone and 2 bristle style. I don’t notice much difference in the stiffness of the bristles. Both feel on the softer side but they’re working just fine for me. I apply facial cleaner directly to the brush and then apply to my wet face, and so get a good amount of lather. I only wish, for the high-end price point, to have gotten some additional brush heads. With such constant use I feel like these might wear just as quickly as a toothbrush head, which seems to be of similar thickness.

Clean skin

 I have now 3 facial cleaners and this one is by far, the absolute best. It's no match for my vanity fair. The best feature is the way the brushes clean/exfoliate in different directions! Not only can you clean your face clockwise, but also counter-clockwise! No other cleaner/exfoliater does that. It gave my face a gentle yet deep clean. It was so gentle that I went over my eyelids because it felt so good(no irritation, but do be mindful). The body cleanser is just as nice!

Gentle and Effective 💞

 Reviewing: Face and Body Cleansing Brush - 3 Cleaning Brushes - Waterproof Skin Care KitCons:There are a few things that could use some improvement, but none of which are significant to be bothersome or effect its use. The charging cable is USB Type-C to Type-C, it'd be more convenient if the other end was a standard USB to insert into most wall parts. Including a cloth storage bag, or something similar would be nice to keep everything together, especially if you want to bring it along while traveling. Additionally, plastic protective caps to put over the brush heads when not in use would be helpful to keep them hygienic and ready for next use.Pros:One charge lasts about a month and a few days with daily use. It's waterproof, sturdy, slim, and compact making it easy to store or bring along with you when traveling. The device comes with three different brush heads, each different sizes and for different purposes. The bidirectional rotation - where the inner and outer brush heads move in opposite directions - works really well giving a thorough cleanse and has helped my skin feel clean and soft after using, especially end of the day. My preferred brush head is the deep cleaning one, I wet the brush, apply my normal amount of face wash to it, then gently move the brush along different areas of my face while letting the device do the work. Then I press the power button again to change rotation and repeat the process, all this is done in under a minute. After I'm done I rinse the brush head with mild soap and warm water and let it air dry.Additionally, customer support is quick to respond. They recommend replacing the brush heads every 3 months, however at the time of writing they don't currently have a listing for the brushes, but contacting their support they're able to help you out with replacements until the listing for that is ready.I use this product now twice daily and it's been a huge improvement for my skin. Honestly, I can't imagine not having this apart of my daily skincare routine anymore.


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