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Heated Mitten Electric Warming Hand Therapy Hand Warmers

Project E Beauty

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Item: Heated Mitten Electric Warming Hand Therapy Hand Warmers
Item ID: TP69
Power: 80W
Size: 45x25x5 cm
Weight: 0.73 kg
Voltage: 110V/220V
Temperature: High:50C-60C Low: 45C-50C

1 pair of Mitts including cord and liners

- 2 temperature settings
- Roomy enough for any sized hands
- Convenient Washable Liners Included
- Consumes less energy than competing brands: Only 80 Watts
- Product Specifications

Electric Heated Hand Mitts are an effective method to provide penetrating warmth your hands and to moisturize and hydrate hands, nails, and cuticles. May relieve pain in cases such as arthritis or other painful conditions where heat application is physician-advised.

Important Safety Instructions:
Burns will result from improper use.
Burns can occur regardless of control setting so check skin under pad frequently.
Do not use while sleeping.
Do not use on an infant, an invalid, or an unconscious/unresponsive/comatose person.
Do not use on a person with poor blood circulation unless carefully attended.
Do not use on areas of insensitive skin.
Do not use pins or other metallic devices to fasten this product in place.
Do not sit on or crush this warmer.
Never pull this product by the power supply cord nor use the cord as a handle.
Periodically examine the warmer. Do not use if any signs of deterioration are found.
Do not use product if wet.

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