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Electrical Breast Enhancer Massager Breast Enhancement Home Device

Project E Beauty

  • $49.90 USD

Item: Electrical Breast Enhancer Massager Breast Enhancement Home Device
Item ID: PE145
Color: Pink and White
Size: 24.5x15x5 cm
Weight: 0.26 kg

Functions :
- Breast shaping
- Promotes blood circulation
- Enhances metabolism
- Strengthens muscle
- Breast enlargement

- Microcomputer control system, LCD display
- Easy to operate
- Battery power supply, safe and reliable
- Power status indicator
- Human body engineering design, comfortable and beautiful
- Modes options 
- Intensity adjustment
- Time setting
- Warranty

Introduction :
Well-developed and sexy breasts are the symbol of female's charm. Aging, busy life, pregnancy, over-weight, wearing a bra, and congenital poor development are the factors that may cause small and flat breasts, or even sagging, which leads to breast cancer. Therefore, this devices is definitely the best gift for women. It prevents you from breast diseases and makes your breast robust and beautiful. The device applies the physiotherapy principle. It uses a low-frequency tuning electrical pulse to stimulate females' mammary glands. It accelerates blood circulation of breast and activates the renewal of breast cells. The device also promotes the secretion of female hormones, which enhances breast development and becomes more robust and elastic. As a result, the device helps to show the women's charming side. The device also provides with health functions, utilizing low frequency to massage. It helps to transport more nutrients and oxygen in the breast tissue that improves tissue organization and blood circulation. Therefore, it helps to prevent breast disease and breast sagging.


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