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Skin & Eye Wrinkles Smoothing Set

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Experience a more youthful complexion with the Project E Beauty Skin & Eye Wrinkles Smoothing Set. This set includes the Mesolift Mesotherapy Wonder Wand, a powerful device combining LED light therapy, EMS, and RF technology. Boost anti-aging benefits and lock in moisture with the Intensive Eye Repair Essence and Aqua Collagen Gel.

Set includes:

1. MesoLift Mesotherapy Wonder Wand  X1 (Value of $74.9 USD)

2. Project E Beauty Aqua Collagen Gel X1 (Value of $24.99 USD)

3. Project E Beauty Intensive Eye Repair Essence  X1 (Value of $39.99 USD)



  • THE WAND TO RULE THEM ALL - The all-in-one needle-free Mesolift utilizes UV-free LED bulbs to transmit natural light waves into the layers of the skin. To improve your complexion, this light energy activates the photoreceptors in skin cells to trigger natural processes - such as collagen production. This mesotherapy device also uses EMS that helps tone the muscles on your face, giving you a tighter, firmer appearance. Microcurrents also help improve circulation. Last but not the least, the radio frequency function reinforces collagen production for a younger-looking complexion.
  • THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - The weightless Aqua Collagen Gel nourishes and hydrates dry, rough skin showing signs of aging. Collagen smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin with a radiant, ageless glow. Vitamin C works with collagen to amplify age-defying benefits such as skin brightening and sun protection.
  • CONVENIENT EYE THERAPY – Here’s a convenient way to incorporate under-eye care into your beauty routine. This eye repair essence helps reduce eye bags/puffiness, dark circles, under eye bags, and wrinkles! Apply it everyday before bedtime.


Skin & Eye Wrinkles Smoothing Set - Project E Beauty
Skin & Eye Wrinkles Smoothing Set Precio de oferta$99.25 Precio normal$139.80

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Valerie Edgar (Ripon, GB)
Very Pleased

I am thrilled to bits with this wonderful little gadget. It gives my skin a wonderful glow, seems to be working on the wrinkles and the lifting of sagging jawline. I use it with the face gel and eye gel that came with it and am pleased with the effects.
The warmth from te RF is very soothing and massaging. The only drawback is that some people may find the EMS a little bit stinging. But as they say no pain no gain. Personally I dislike the flashing light sequence, I find it very uncomfortable. All in all though I have no hesitation in recommending this gadget or Project E Beauty whose service is excellent.

TK (Helsinki, FI)
Great set

Love the Skin & Eye Wrinkles Smoothing Set! The Wireless 3 Photons EMS Needle-Free Mesotherapy RF Radio Frequency Device is easy to use and my skin looks so fresh now. Aqua Collagen Gel is so soothing; it provides great moisture for my skin.