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LumaGlow Blue | Anti-Acne LED Light Therapy Wand

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Overcome Acne with Blue LED

Discover freedom from acne with our LumaGlow Blue anti acne device. Blue light therapy works to eliminate bacteria, reduce skin inflammation, regulate oil production and other key acne indicators

LumaGlow Blue is FDA-cleared, meeting the highest standard of beauty devices on the market

Blue LED light promotes intense skin healing and regeneration to help you achieve radiant skin, with the help of science

It's your turn to experience blemish free bliss

LumaGlow | Blue LED Light Therapy - Project E Beauty
LumaGlow Blue | Anti-Acne LED Light Therapy Wand Precio de oferta$139.99






The Power of Blue

Effective acne treatment

Blue light has antibacterial properties. It breaks down acne causing bacteria through free radical damage. This process drastically reduces the number of breakouts and promotes rapid healing of existing acne flare ups

Regulates oil production

Blue light signals sebaceous glands to control excess oil production thereby preventing clogged pores

Improves dull complexion

Boosts blood circulation to support skin's natural healing process for enhanced skin health and appearance

Heal skin barrier

Supports skin barrier repair while promoting moisture retention to fight dryness

Acne scarring

Treats acne scars and promotes wound healing

Find clarity with Luma

Blue Light Therapy Before and After

How does blue LED light therapy work?

The specific blue wavelength triggers a chemical reaction on the skin, this process destroys the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes that is responsible for acne breakouts

How do I know the device is working?

The device works through automatic activation, once in contact with the skin the blue light technology begins to take powerful effect

Where on the body can I use the LumaGlow Blue?

As blue light is primarily designed for the treatment of acne, it can be used on face, chest and back - or wherever you experience breakouts


Experienced less frequent breakouts


Notice less oily skin


Reported an improvement in the appearance of acne scars

Luma Features


LumaGlow is an FDA-approved device meeting the highest standards in terms of safety and efficacy

Targeted Technology

Uniquely designed with precision, control and strength in mind LumaGlow comes complete with 44 compact, non-heating LEDs to deliver the most intense and effective treatment possible

Easy operation

Designed with you mind, LumaGlow is easy to operate with just three control buttons and 5 convenient auto-timer settings to choose from minimizing the risk of overuse

Safety at the forefront

Eye goggles provided to protect the eyes form any potential unwanted interference by looking directly at the LEDs

Wireless, lightweight

Designed for use at home or on the go, LumaGlow is wireless and portable with a comfortable grip for longer treatments

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Stoner Girl's Perspective

Idk if it does anything but it's fun to use and is very well made

Misty Frogg
Simple and fast

I’ve been using this for a little over a month and I’m finding minimal results. The good bit is is that I’m not finding any negative aspects to this. I use it about three times a week and have found some improvement to my skin.Less breakouts and better appearance of my skin. Also my t zone seems less oily.

Project E Beauty LumaGlow Blue

No te go mucho tiempo usando este producto pero puedo decir que ir mi piel está mucho mejor desde la primera vez que lo use lo ame lo recomiendo bastante lo ame 🤩

Get lit up

This is a pretty intense blue light therapy wand, compared to all the others I've tried. I can actually feel heat and warmth on my skin as soon as I turn it on. It seems to be working, but I don't have a big acne problem in the first place. The controls are a bit annoying, as it could've had a much more intuitive, simple design.


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