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LightAura Flex | LED Face Mask

Precio de oferta$299.99


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Discover High Density LED with LightAura Flex

Achieve clinical grade results from home with our advanced 2 in 1 LED light therapy mask. Designed with precision and elegance in mind, LightAura Flex is crafted with 100% high quality silicone to fit facial contours and ensure maximum light penetration

132 high intensity LEDs harness the benefits of red and blue light therapy in a single treatment device - from anti aging, to acne, to hyperpigmentation and redness

Unwind with the relaxing power of silicone and LED: where performance meets luxury 

LightAura Flex | LED Face Mask - Project E Beauty
LightAura Flex | LED Face Mask Precio de oferta$299.99






The Power of LED Light Therapy

Full Cell Renewal

Red LED light therapy supports the production of new cells including collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Improved Facial Texture

Targets the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone and texture

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Blue light targets bacteria and inflammation for less frequent acne breakouts and soothes redness caused by inflamed skin cells


LED light therapy improves the appearance of scars and other enduring blemishes


Brightens and firms the skin for an overall better complexion

The Results Are In

LED Light Therapy Before and After

'My skin is glowing!'


"On Week 3, my discoloration was fading and on week 4 I had mostly even skin tone. Will absolutely continue to use this mask!"

- Haley
(results after 4 weeks)

'Pimples heal way faster'


"I experienced less breakouts and pimples while I was using the product."

- Silvia
(results after 3 weeks)

FDA Cleared

Clinically proven to meet the highest standards in terms of safety and efficacy

Designed for Ultimate Comfort

Crafted to fit your facial contours and ensure that the LED lights are as close to your skin as possible, maximizing their effectiveness. Silicone material is soft, flexible and lightweight ensuring maximum comfort during every treatment

Portable and Lightweight

Once charged, the LightAura Flex is portable, lightweight and designed for use on the go (or while relaxing)

132 High-Intensity LEDs

66 UV-free light bulbs with 2 LED's per bulb. Non heating bulbs offer maximum results and maximum safety

Single-Button Operation

Advanced technology, simple operation: single button functionality for a smooth treatment, every time

Auto Shut Down

Uninterrupted self care: device automatically shuts down after 10 minutes to prevent overexposure


Experienced a reduction in breakouts


Improved appearance of dark spots and sun damage


Reported an overall brighter complexion

How does LED technology actually work?

Red Light (630nm)The Anti Ager

Red light wavelengths are introduced onto the skin to provide heat energy - this energy triggers the stimulation of fiber cells to promote the production of collagen, elastin and other key proteins

Blue Light (460nm)The Acne Savior

Blue light when administered onto the skin creates free radicals. These free radicals destroy acne-causing bacteria. This process prevents breakouts and regulates oil production

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Customer Reviews

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Fast at home red light therapy

It only takes 10 mins a day and can be used everyday. It is rechargable so you aren't tied beside an outlet while using it. It has a back strap so you could walk around while using it. I prefer to take the 10 mins to myself to listen to a podcast or music and relax while lying down.My skin is not only softer but feels more plump and hydrated. I feel like my skincare products absorb better and my skin feels more healthier and smooth.I've only been using it for about 2 weeks but feel a big difference with my skin. It's a high upfront cost but worth it for the results and much more affordable than red light therapy at the spa or clinic.

10 Minute Sessions

 This LED mask is rechargeable. It comes with a charging cable and 4 different types of plugs so it can be used worldwide.Hold down the button on the controller for a few seconds to turn it on and then choose between red lights or blue lights. Red focuses on wrinkles. Blue focuses on skin complaints like acne. For the fist couple of weeks, it suggests you use the mask about 4 times per week. When you turn the mask on, the lights stay on for 10 minutes then automatically switch off.I suggest you lay back or lay down when wearing the mask so that it stays in the right position. It feels a bit strange wearing it, and I find it heavy on the bridge of my nose, but I don’t feel any warmth or strange sensation on my face. I did test it on my arm for ten minutes the first time to check if there were any skin sensitivity issues.My face is always clean and free of make-up before using it.Make sure you put the mask on before activating the lights because when you do switch it on, the lights are blinding. I find it best to keep my eyes closed the whole time. The mask secures around you head using an adjustable piece of Velcro at the back.I find it hard to do a thorough review on beauty treatment products as generally speaking it takes months or even a year for any noticeable effect. I’ve been using this every other night for a few weeks now and there has been no reduction in my wrinkles. As it’s doing no harm, I’ll continue to use the mask long term, and if I do see an improvement in my skin then I’ll update the review.

Nice set. Includes soft drawstring carry bag, adapters for international travel, serum + mask

This is the 3rd type of a flexible light therapy mask I’ve tried (first was Neutrogena!) and it’s more expensive with fewer LEDs (66 vs 74), making me think it’s not a very good value. The higher end RLT masks have upwards of 130+ LEDs. Also, the single horizontal strap to hold it on really relies on you laying down to hold it on comfortably compared to the other flexible mask I tried which has a top and side strap with Velcro closures to secure it into place. Of course, with infrared light exposure you will not want to keep your eyes open when using this as you run the risk of permanently damaging your retinas. Take 10-15 mins to close your eyes while using this, otherwise you’re risking your vision!While they mention using this with cleansed and dry skin, I’ve read that you can improve results by using a green tea serum/toner/skincare product applied beforehand in conjunction with red light therapy application to boost the effects. Whatever you use, make sure it has a high concentration (%) of green tea extract in the formula.Aside from this, I’ve been using this mostly using the red light setting and not the blue light, which is more targeted for acne and excess oil. While I am acne prone and very oily skinned, I prefer to target signs of aging to rejuvenate skin while my other skin care products can take care of acne (Rx-strength Tret, Benzoyl Peroxide, Rx oral meds, etc.)I do appreciate that they mention the power density in the instruction manual (30 – 40mw/cm²), but that’s actually qute low and not very impressive for basically almost direct skin contact with the LEDs, with a few mms of silicone in between... ! I don’t have an optical power sensor to verify the stated power density.The whole set does seem quite luxurious as it included a 10ml Aqua Collagen serum and an Aqua Infusion Face Gel Mask, which the other RLT masks I've tried didn't include. The ingredients for both are all very non-irritating and well-formulated for almost all skin types, I would think. I like that there's no essential oils included in the formulations, although they did add fragrance, which is a bummer imo.

David Burdette
Refreshing rejuvenating light helps with fine lines

The product is easy to use first of all, I put it on for 20 minutes in the morning while I’m doing my sit-ups with the attachable straps it stays in place.
The red light I use a lot it really builds collagen and does make my fine lines less noticeable and helps with my eyes lines as well. I also like the blue for any break outs I might have keeps them under control.
I have used light therapy for a long time and this product is the best I’ve ever used.


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