PRODUCT REVIEW-Why I’m Ditching LED Facials For At-Home Red & Blue Light Therapy


If you think LED light therapy is reserved for overpriced facials at your favorite salon or dermatologist’s office—let me be the first to tell you that those days are long gone. You can now reap the same benefits—from acne-fighting to anti-aging and anti-inflammation—from the comfort of your home, without breaking the bank.  

Enter: Project E Beauty’s LumaGlow Red & Blue Light Therapy. Not only will this innovative beauty device bring the benefits of photon therapy to your fingertips (literally!), it’ll also save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, since it’s more accessible, you can also use it more consistently to see better results. Win-win.

Why LED light therapy?

LumaGlow | Blue LED Light Therapy

The noninvasive, FDA-approved treatment penetrates the skin to help rejuvenate and heal it. I love LumaGlow Red & Blue Light Therapy, because it’s compact, light-weight, and easy to use whenever I have anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to spare. Plus, the two-in-one treatment offers both red LED light therapy and blue LED light therapy to give your skin exactly what it’s craving—without any downtime or harsh side effects. 

Red LED light therapy stimulates your skin’s collagen to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and minimize the appearance for fine lines and wrinkles. Bonus: it leaves your complexion glowing! Meanwhile, blue LED light therapy targets oil glands and kills acne-causing bacteria to prevent breakouts. 

The best part: LEDs don’t contain UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about long-term damage or effects. And, yes, it has the FDA’s seal of approval, too. 

The perfect complement to your self-care routine

LumaGlow | Red LED Light Therapy

I found it effortless to incorporate into my self-care routine. A few days a week, 3–4 to be specific, I put on my headphones and use LumaGlow Red & Blue Light Therapy, for 10–15 minutes in red, blue, or both modes, depending on my skin’s needs. Because you have to wear goggles and hold the device to your face, multi-tasking while using it can seem nearly impossible. However, it’s the perfect opportunity to play your favorite tunes, catch up on a podcast, or even chat with a friend. 

Results you have to see to believe

I’ve struggled with hormonal acne for the past year, and nothing seemed to get the job done—until I met LumaGlow Red & Blue Light Therapy. After a month of consistent use, not only do I see fewer breakouts, but the few that appear also go away much faster, with noticeably less pigmentation. This did the trick that even the most expensive serums and exfoliators couldn’t.

Plus, my complexion is noticeably more even and radiant. Even without any highlighter or makeup, my skin has a beautiful glow I can’t get enough of! As with all other skincare products, consistency is key here. The more consistently you use it, the better the results will be. Like anything—it’s a process, but worth the results. 

LED light therapy has become an essential part of both my self-care and skincare routine. I can’t wait to see how my skin reacts with continued, consistent use!


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