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Intelligent Air Pressure Eye Massage Vibration Heating Music Smooth Home Use

SKU: PE171

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Item: Intelligent Air Pressure Eye Massage Vibration Heating Music Smooth Home Use
Item ID: PE171
Color: White and Black
Voltage: 110V(USA & Canada) / 220V(Europe)
Size: 24.5x25x10 cm
Weight: 0.95 kg
Treatment Area: Eye Area

1. Main Unit X 1
2. Remote Control X 1
3. Adaptor X 1
7. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1

Eye Care
Through unique vibration range and frequency, EXPS Intelligent Eye Massager is able to stimulate and strengthen the eye cell activities. It protects your eyes from short-sightedness, improves your eye sight, and eliminates eye ache, edema, drying and unclear vision caused by overuse of eyes.

1) To prevent short-sightedness: Use EXPS Intelligent Eye Massager for 5 minutes once or twice a day to improve eye vision, micro-circulation of eye area and ease your eye fatigue.

2) To prevent of eye diseases resulting from overuse of computer: Suggested to use the device after long hour of using computer to relax your eyes, eliminate lactic acid accumulates around eye or temple area, soothe dry eyes and unclear vision.

3) To get rid of fatigue and promote sleeping: Use it before sleeping to completely relax, reduce anxiety and nervous prostration. Frequent usage of EXPS Intelligent Eye Massager may enhance sleeping quality.

4) Protect old people from presbyopia (where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects).

Head Health
Intelligent Eye Massager has different modes of vibration message to be chosen from and the vibration message is able to promote blood circulation of the head and improve oxygen supplying. It is also effective in alleviating headache, relieving tension and stress which in turn improve your sleeping quality during night time.

Beauty Care
Reduce and prevent the formation of eye bags and dark circles, smoothen eye wrinkles, strengthen skin elasticity and reduce the deposition of pigment.
1) To eliminate eye pouches and dark eye circles resulting from sleepless night and poor blood circulation: Use twice a day. Continuous using EXPS Intelligent Eye Massager for 30 to 40 days will greatly reduce eye bags and dark eye circles.
2) To minimize eye wrinkles and strengthen skin elasticity: Use it twice a day for better blood circulation, eliminate deposition of dark pigment and slow down skin aging.

Magnetic Therapy
Balance the Yin & Yang of body and improve micro-circulation.

Intelligent Air Pressure :
Four different types of Intelligent Air Pressures (pressure once, pressure twice, pressure 4 times, complete pressure) to fully massage the eyes and temples to relieve eye tiredness, prevent near-sightedness and improve eyesight.

Far Infrared Heating Therapy :
Works on the eye area with high and low temperature setting to improve blood circulation around the eyes and enhance the metabolism of eye cells.

Vibration Massage :
Simulating eight different types of Chinese traditional massage (auto vibration, circulation, quick circulation, soft kneading, beating, finger pressing, quick finger pressing, rolling). Works on the acupuncture points around eyes and temples of head to exercise the eyes, relax the brain cells and reduce short-sightedness.

Magnetic Therapy :
Using static magnetic fields to balance Yin & Yang of the body.

Micro-computer controlling:
Large and clear LCD screen, clear backlight showing 10 seconds each time.

The Eye Massage Device applies different vibrating, massaging, and heating function, along with the use of computer chip control technology and far infrared to help increase oxygen supply to the eyes, improve the function of the ciliary muscle, improve blood circulation healthier eyesight. This device is also equipped with music function so that you may enjoy a relaxing massage with music. It is mainly used to relax your eyes.
Aside from keep from brain fatigue, near sight or weak sight etc, also beauty the eyes at the same time. Embed soft music of relaxing when enjoy the massaging. This device is using the eye-glass design, delicate and cosy for wearing of the best choice for workers and students eye.

It will help you clear your mind with this head & eye massager. Designed to use traditional Chinese acupressure techniques, the massager focuses energy where most stress is created—your head. Special massage nodes are dedicated to the temple area. In addition, the high-frequency magnetic fields, inspired by Chinese Acupuncture techniques, further stimulate the pressure points to encourage vigor and mental clarity.

*It can operated by battery or adaptor power.

Best for these groups of people:

People including students, writers, office staff, etc who often use computers and watch TV
People who suffer from insomnia, headache, migraine or head fatigue
People who have short-sightedness or eye fatigue
Women who look for effective facial massage for better skin
People who have eye bags, wrinkles or deposition of cell pigments
Those who always stay late at night and overuse of eyes
Old people who are affected by presbyopia

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