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Pro Magnetic Bio Warm Jade Facial Beauty Therapy Machine Skin Care 3D Repair Freezing Head Probe Parts for PE210

SKU: P042

$34.50 USD

Item: Pro Magnetic Bio Warm Jade Facial Beauty Therapy Machine Skin Care 3D Repair Freezing Head Probe Parts for PE210
Item ID: P042
Colour: Black
Weight: 0.3 kg

Function for skin rejuvenation equipment:
Care effect: To promote infiltration and absorption of products, comprehensive care and treatment to enhance efficiency
On Face: penetration, restoration, anti-aging.
1. Penetration: Enhance skin absorption of products to make the skin red, white, and glossy
2. Restoration: Thin pores, calm and repair telangiectasia, lessen thread veins.
3. Anti-aging: Make up a large number of trace elements to skin collagen, promote the rearrangement of collagen material, in a short time to lift and tighten the canthus and drooping slack skin, lessen tiny wrinkle, dry wrinkle of the canthus. It takes effect 5 times better than normal.

On Body: Rapid charge to the cells tissue, a large number of supplementary energy for the body, the complete elimination of sub-health state.
1. Purifies the blood to remove waste, reduce blood viscosity, prevent high blood pressure and improve the anemia, and enhance immune function
2. To add trace elements necessary for the human body, add energy of jade 30 minutes, same as aerobic exercise outdoor 3 hours, to alleviate fatigue, the elimination of tension, the body more comfortable.
3. Menses adjustment and acesodyne, strengthen the liver and kidney function, and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, regulate constipation

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