If you've been looking for a non-surgical treatment to target a number of skin problems, you may have wondered how LED skin treatment works. This gentle, affordable skin solution addresses a number of skin issues without the discomfort and cost of some other methods.

What is the Technology Behind LED Skin Treatment?

Many of our customers have asked us how LED skin treatment works to treat acne, sun damage, lines and wrinkles. Also known as photo rejuvenation, this process uses LED, or light-emitting diodes, to correct skin issues. Energy-producing light is directed into the skin's deep layers to promote proper cell turnover for a more youthful, vibrant look. LED machines are manufactured under the names Revita light and Derma wave.

Targeted LED Treatment Blue light is used to kill breakout-causing bacteria known as propionibacterium acnes, or p-bad, found below the skin. Red light mimics the body's own fibroblasts, or collagen-synthesizing cells, to promote elastin and collagen production for firmer, plumper skin. LED skin treatment also deactivates enzymes that deteriorate collagen and speed the aging process in the skin.

How Long Does LED Skin Treatment Take?

LED machines vary in size and characteristics. The area covered by a machine's head determines how long each treatment takes. When performed by a dermatologist or in a skin-focused medi-spa, six weekly or biweekly sessions with an additional maintenance session are usually required. LED treatment can be used alone or as part of a facial. It may also be performed after more aggressive procedures to reduce redness.

LED Skin Treatment Benefits

In addition to correcting acne, skin damage and aging skin, LED has mood-enhancing properties. Most find it painless and cooling, and it even promotes relaxation. There is no risk of burns, and this type of treatment is considered a gentler alternative to more intense in-home, medical-office or medi-spa skin treatments.

LED skin treatments resolve a number of skin issues, from lines and wrinkles to problem acne. A number of variables determines how long each treatment lasts and how many sessions are required. This type of procedure is best used in conjunction with a regular skin care routine.

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