5 different ways to REMOVE hair!

Depilatory Cream

The working principle of depilatory cream is to dissolve the hair in the skin's surface with chemicals likes calcium thioglycolate and potassium thioglycolate. These chemicals will break down the disulfide bonds in keratin, which the epidermis is rich in, so as to scrap off the hair. It is an inexpensive way to remove hair when compared with other methods. However, it is a short-term hair removal and it can easily cause skin irritation.



Shaving is not only a common method to remove beard by a razor, but also commonly practiced by women to remove their leg and underarm hair. The effect of shaving may last shorter time than depilatory cream. It may be a super fast and super easy way but definitely not a safe way to remove body hair. Also, it may cause the presence of ingrown hair because shaving your hair will change its growing direction.




Waxing is one of the hair removal method that can remove hair from the root. You can spread a thin layer of wax on your skin, then place a paper strip on top of it and press it firmly. Around 10 seconds later, rip the paper from the skin in the opposite direction to the hair growth. It is an effective method to remove a large amount of hair and the effect also lasts longer than that of shaving. But inappropriate use could lead to skin irritation and bruising.

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If you are looking for a permanent hair removal method, electrolysis could be an option. An electric current is applied with a very fine electrode, which can be a tweezers or needle, into each hair follicle to destroy the hair root. This would be a series of treatments because the hair won't be on the same growth phase. Therefore, the total number of treatments will vary from person to person. Although multiple treatments are required, electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method that can be applied on any skin color.

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Laser light



The working principle of laser light is that laser light can target and remove the dark hairs. It is especially suitable for large treatment area because a pulse of the laser can treat many hair. But laser light may not be suitable for those people who have dark skin color as the laser energy can damage the skin and cause de-pigmentation. Therefore, you should consider your hair color and also skin color to choose a suitable hair removal laser light.

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Intense Pulsed light

Intense Pulsed light(IPL) is another permanent hair removal method. Unlike laser, IPL only has one specific wavelength, which can be emitted as a beam or a diode. The pigment in the hair will then absorb the emitted IPL. Then the light will turn to heat which denatures the cells, making them incapable of producing further hair growth. However, it may cause some discomfort or pain during the treatment. You may have a small patch test on your skin before the treatment to see if you can working with it or not.

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