Clay mask

If you have normal to oily skin, clay mask is highly recommended as its minerals help to unclog your skin pore. It also absorb the excess oil and dirt on your face in order to purify every skin pores. It is recommended to apply the clay mask twice a week and remember, never let the clay mask totally dried on you face because it will dry out your skin as well! The best time to rinse the clay mask should be when it is drying but still a bit sticky.

Sheet mask

It can be flexible to apply sheet mask because there are different types of sheet mask such as skin whitening, skin tightening and collagen repair. You can simply grab a sheet mask that suit your needs anytime and then relax for a moment. For the leftover serum from the sheet masks package, you can apply it on your neck, arms and legs so that you can moisturize the body skin and prevent neck wrinkles as well.

Cream mask

The cream mask is suitable for all skin. The cream mask can moisturize our skin. It can help to balance oily skin and the pH value as well. There're different cream mask to choose, with the overnight mask being the most popular. The overnight cream mask is definitely a gift to those lazy girls because it is specially designed to moisturize and repair your skin when you are in deep sleep. It is recommended to apply cream mask after peeling or applied the clay mask.

Natural mask

The natural mask is becoming a trend these day as many people are pursuing a "Natural" "Chemical-free" lifestyle. There's no doubt that natural mask will cause less irritation to skin as it is made of natural ingredients like fruit, yogurt, honey and egg. With these natural ingredients, you can DIY different natural mask at home instead of buying masks in the stores. It is such a money-saving way to skin beauty.

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