Start taking good care of your hair!


Your hair texture will become weak after it have being washed by shampoo. To moisturize and restore the nutrient of hair, hair conditioner is extremely important. The hair conditioner should only apply on the mid-length and the end of hair but NEVER on the roots!

Do massage your SCALP

Massage your scalp during the shampooing can help enhance the blood circulation of the scalp, which then stimulate the hair growth and improve the hair texture. You can also use a scalp massager to enhance the treatment.

Do apply hair SUNSCREEN in the daytime.

This is the most important but not the most popular step on daily-care. Applying sunscreen on hair can protect hair from sun damage. The hair damage by strong UV can even be worse by dying your hair!

Don't clean your hair EVERYDAY

Your scalp will produce natural oil to keep your hair from being dry. If you wash your hair so often, your scalp will produce more oil to compensate the oil you have washed, which make your hair look greasy all the time!

Don't wash with SUPER-HOT water

Washing your hair with high-temperature water will hurt your hair and scalp cells deeply. Therefore, you should wash your hair with warm water and rinse the conditioner with relatively cold water to achieve healthy hair.

Don't OVERDO it on shampoo

Most of the shampoo are alkaline in order to clean the grease and dirt that attached on our hair and scalp. Therefore, apply too much shampoo on your hair will cause the imbalance pH value of your scalp, which may lead to extremely greasy or extremely dry hair.

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